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Ripples #84
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Ripples #84

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Comiled and written by Lenny Giteck

Ripples art--smallSari-Clad Indian TV Actress in
Pool Six Hours for Videotaping

According to the Web site of The Times of India, well-known actress Sana Sheikh recently endured a six-hour video shoot in a swimming pool for the television series Gustakh Dil, in which she portrays a village girl. Shooting began at 7 a.m. and concluded at I p.m.

The report offers no explanation as to why the Indian beauty had to swim in the pool while wearing a sari. The fact that Sheikh — who according to Wikipedia is also a disc jockey — is a Moslem may have played a role. Or it may have reflected Indian mores in general.

The Times of India quotes the actress as saying:

Yes, it was very cold in the morning since we shot this at a resort. I was shivering in the water and even after 11 a.m. the water continued to be very cold. The unit guys kept giving me coffee to keep warm but that did not help. It was a long time before I realized that I had caught fever and became unwell due to this.

Although the article refers to Sheikh as “the young actress,” her exact age seems to be a closely guarded secret: References to her on the Internet reveal her birth date to be August 10, but without a year specified.

Sheikh was back for the following day’s shoot despite her six-hour ordeal. Ripples can only surmise that the script called for her to resemble a human prune in the following scenes. Undoubtedly, no makeup was needed.

To learn more and see a photo of Sana Sheikh in the pool, click here.

Ripples Classic: Jan. 25, 2012

Tom Cruise Mojo-Rich Pool
Water Up for Bids on eBay

On the odd chance you have no plans to be in the vicinity of Lourdes anytime soon, not to worry…eBay to the rescue! As of this writing, you may bid to own a sample of water from a Miami swimming pool in which actor Tom Cruise swam one time back in July 2011. According to an article on, the eBay listing reads as follows:

There is a very limited supply of this special water. The winning bidder will receive a 5×7 print of Tom swimming in the pool with Katie Holmes by his side as a certificate of authenticity. The bottle is hand-painted and shows a cross to mimic the effect of a bottle of Holy Water. But this cross also bears four gold rays coming from behind, which can also be considered the symbol of Scientology.

Tom Cruise water can be used in rituals, potions or perfumes. It can be dabbed behind the ears or on the wrists for good luck. You can place some of it around the hearth of your home or baptize your baby with it. The possibilities are endless. Happy bidding!

Endless, indeed. So much so that Ripples is seriously contemplating putting in a bid, with hopes that sprinkling some of the mojo-infused Magic Tom Cruise Scientology Holy Pool Water on top of the head will reverse an advanced case of male pattern baldness. On second thought, even for such potent celebrity H2O, that goal might be a Mission Impossible.

And with that, Ripples once again says…
Until next time, happy watershaping to you!

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