Ripples #105
An Encore Presentation of the Top 10 Ripples Items of All Time  
Ripples #104
'Touch the Wall': Missy Franklin, Kara Lynn Joyce Swim on Film
Ripples #103
Swimming: Keeping Oldsters Going Despite Their Infirmities
Ripples #102
43rd Annual International Nude Swim Competition Held in Mulhouse, France  
Ripples #101
12-Story-Deep Swimming PoolBoasts Underwater Walkway  
Ripples #100
Shakespeare Classic Performed In U.K. Edwardian Pool Complex  
Ripples #99
Two Dudes Turn '69 Coupe de VilleInto Rolling Hot Tub, Plan to Race It
Ripples #98
The 'Facekini' Becomes a Big Hit With Chinese Female Swimmers  
Ripples #97
Congressman's Tongue-in-Cheek Idea: Install a Truth-Testing Swimming Pool
Ripples #96
Aspiring Model on Vacation in Mexico Shows Colostomy Bags to the World