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A Pond After Dark
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A Pond After Dark

12-18 triplett video art

12-18 triplett video art

A surprising number of my clients come into the pond-buying process without having given any thought at all to how the watershape will look after the sun goes down. That probably has something to do with the fact that the big natural ponds they’ve encountered in their lifetimes have not benefited from any kind of illumination beyond the occasional pole-mounted floodlight.

So they’re in for a treat when we complete their pond and they watch it glow after dark. As I mention in the video linked below, there’s nothing like having a luminescent body of water to look at from inside the house or at close proximity – and it gets even better if there are substantial fish and waterfalls in action, sending flickering lights and shadows onto overhanging trees or onto nearby walls.

The video covers it all, but as always, there are a couple points I’d like to stress: First, really do think metal when it comes to lighting fixtures. They may cost more up front, but they last longer and replacing whole fixtures can be a difficult process. Second, think seriously about using different wattages if you use multiple fixtures: Varying the light intensity makes the overall composition both easier on and more interesting to the viewer’s eyes. Third, lighting is another case where you need to plan ahead, basically from the design stage forward.

Of all the things we do to add value to our ponds, lighting them effectively is one of the things our clients typically appreciate most. It takes time and effort to do it well, but it’s all worth it in the end.

To see the whole process of adding lighting to a pond from start to finish, click here.

Eric Triplett is founder and chief executive officer at The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction in Yucaipa, Calif. He may be reached at eric@the

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