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2019/9.1, September 4 — Modernist Detailing, True Rainfall, Revived Splendor and more
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2019/9.1, September 4 — Modernist Detailing, True Rainfall, Revived Splendor and more


September 4, 2019

Modern Mystique

It was a fairly straightforward consultation that became much more than that, writesPaolo Benedetti. He made a few practical suggestions and set the overflow system and equipment vault up for peak performance — then pitched in to aid the architect in a quest for visual perfection. [more]


Subtle Precipitation

When the opportunity to try something new came his way,Scott Cohenstepped up to provide this challenging backyard with a pool, a big spa, a new outdoor kitchen — and an ingenious water-wall system that did more to benefit his clients than he ever could have imagined. [more]


A Basement’s Bounty

Historic restorations are typically difficult work. But asRick Randazzodiscovered 40 feet below the streets of New York in the old Woolworth Building, sometimes the frustrations and irritations of working with a landmark evaporate and the work becomes both fascinating and gratifying. [more]


Spritied Waters

On a busy corner in downtown Palm Springs, Calif., stands an unusual sculpture that artfully moves water through the hot desert air. The work of New York sculptorDavid Curt Morris, ‘The Rainmaker’ was commissioned by community leaders who hoped the fountain would become a landmark celebrating the life-giving power of water in the driest of climates while providing passersby with a place to cool off, relax and play.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin September 2001, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


All Aboard!

When Denver decided to revive a historic downtown neighborhood by bringing its old train station back to life,Karen Van Heukelemand her colleagues pitched in on several levels — then crowned their efforts with a dazzling interactive waterfeature you should plan to visit.[more]


Lessons in Trust

Reflecting on a difficult decision that came up at the outset of his recent home-remodeling project,Jim McCloskey conveys a tangle of observations about the way things have gone — and corrals a thought-provoking lesson or two about the nature and evolution of trust along the way. [more]


Great Concept Dept.:Sixty-story hotel planned for Dubai to include hundreds of personal pools and hot tubs.[more]

The soaking will be familiar, but the views will be dazzling.

Strange Concept Dept.: Two guys obsessed with putting hot tubs on wheels graduate to a Cadillac DeVille.[more]

At best, a sloshing good time. At worst, a sloshingbadone.


Setting Egos Aside

Ego helps keep us going, concedesBrian Van Bowerin his Aqua Culture column from September 2009. But as he observed, it it can get very much in the way when it comes to projects of a certain kind. [more]

RB Pool & Spa Offers Construction Software

RB Pool & Spa(Monroeville, PA) has fully integrated job-costing and job-progress management into a software package that already includes customer-relationships management, lead management, inventory, scheduling, proposals, contracts, purchase orders, bookkeeping and more. User-defined fields allow for customizing each line item. For details, clickhere.

Bobé Offers Metallic Box Scuppers

Bobé Fire & Water(Phoenix, AZ) makes box scuppers for applications with swimming pools, spas and other waterfeatures. Made with copper or stainless steel and available in seven textures and powder-coated finishes, the units feature flow rates of 15 gallons per minute and have fully welded seams, 1-1/2-inch female inlets and grounding lugs. For details, clickhere.


Getting a Foot
in the Door
These days, the Internet is the information resource of choice for those looking for goods and services. But it’s tough for an individual business to capture attention and interest amid the bewildering array of options facing consumers as they try to find ways to make water part of their home or working lives.

That’s why we started theWaterShapes Professional Network— a place consumers are using to get basic information about pool, pond and fountain designers and builders before they start making direct phone calls to arrange for site visits and bids. It’s a new way of making initial contacts and getting in the game.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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