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2019/8.2, August 21 — Spa Rescue, Clever Cards, Ethereal Gardens and more
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2019/8.2, August 21 — Spa Rescue, Clever Cards, Ethereal Gardens and more


August 21, 2019

Stepping In

Asked to work on a spa after a general contractor had started its construction using an ill-advised approach,Grant Smithmoved forward knowing there’d be conflicts on site — but confident that the clients had his back as he worked to rescue a key feature of their remodeling project. [more]


In the Cards

Of all the promotional toolsDave Gartonhas deployed to support his watershaping business through the years, nothing has been more effective than his business cards. Why so? As as hereports here, It’s because there’s more to them than the usual bits of contact information. [more]


Striking a Chord

Four acres of rocks, plants and water assembled byDavid Slawsonserves as the centerpiece forGarvan Woodland Gardens. It all sprang from his sensitivity to the site, the client’s desires and, as you’ll see when next you visit Hot Springs, Ark., the wonders of indigenous materials.[more]


Invitations to Play

First created for use in the supercharged, hyperactive environments of aquatic theme parks, interactive waterplay systems now offer the designer of public and semi-public spaces an arsenal of fun-inducing features. They work in just about any setting, saysPam Pasottiof manufacturer SCS Interactive — anywhere you think people might take up the invitation to get wet in the name of pure, unadulterated fun.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin September 2001, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Pools of Light

It’s a perfect partnership, writesMike Gambino. On its own, landscape lighting transforms spaces and makes them safe for use at night. But the real magic starts when water is present, reflections take shape and illuminated greenery accentuates the beauty found at the water’s edge.[more]


Soul Searching

Conversations with neighbors and real-estate agents in a mature residential market have ledJim McCloskeyto become concerned about an unusual predicament facing the Watershaping Industry — and about WaterShapes’ role in fostering part of it through the years. [more]


Way Too Cute Dept.:Video captures a dog being the most persistent lifeguard a baby could possibly meet. [more]

The kid was safe, but not safe enough to satisfythispooch.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Dept.:Conde Nast Travelerhighlights ten hotel pools of jaw-dropping beauty.[more]

From Switzerland to Vietnam, it’s bag-packing inspiration.


Giving to Receive

Back in 2009,Brian Van Bowerdevoted his Aqua Culture column to a simple gesture that is almost guaranteed to produce positive client responses — not to mention strong, enthusiastic referrals.[more]

Aqua Ultraviolet Offers Viper UV Sterilizers

Aqua Ultraviolet(Temecula, CA) makes Viper UV sterilizers for chemical-free water disinfection of commercial or residential ponds, aquariums and waterfeatures. Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the compact units come in three models in both plastic and stainless steel for systems ranging from 14,000 to 90,000 gallons. For details,clickhere.

Universal Launches Radiant Fusion Finishes

Universal White Cement(Glendale, AZ) offers Radiant Fusion, a pool-finish blend that uses micro-pebbles enhanced with iridescent Pebble Radiance glass crystals and abalone shell to create vibrant water hues and ultra-smooth surfaces. Pre-blended to ensure strength and durability, the mixes include pozzolan-enhanced cement in each formulation. For details,clickhere.


Helping Consumers
to Get Started
When homeowners or facility managers start looking for watershapers to help them realize their ambitions and dreams, where do they start? Some are fortunate enough to have business contacts or friends who can refer them to reliable professionals. But these days, many start their searching on the Internet — a great but indiscriminate resource filled with blind alleys, dead ends and sometimes unreliable information.

That’s where theWaterShapes Professional Networkcomes in:offering a credible, unified web presence in which numerous watershapers are able to convey uniformly formatted, comparable information in an easily navigated template,WPNgives consumers initial access to the marketplace in an easygoing environment that guides them comfortably and confidently through the earliest stages of a significant purchasing decision.

TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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