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2019/8.1, August 7 — An Unfolding Process, Artificial Turf, Design Emergence and more
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2019/8.1, August 7 — An Unfolding Process, Artificial Turf, Design Emergence and more


August 7, 2019

The Gradual Renovation

It was a most unusual remodeling project, notesCarla Sovernigo. Partly it had to do with its scale and complexity, but mostly it was because it took three full years to finalize the design and then another whole year to align every last detail with the clients’ highly refined ambitions. [more]


#34: Synthetic Grass

Beyond all of the improvements the product has seen in recent years with respect to quality and appearance,Mike Farleynotes in this brief video on the subject that there areotherreasons he’s choosing artificial turf for more and more of his clients in a widening array of projects. [more]


From Idea to Action
Ushering a full-featured backyard design through to final form can be complicated, observesKurt Kraisinger. That’s why, as he writes in the third article in this four-part series, he guides his clients through an interactive process he credits with smoothing the pathway to success. [more]


Timeless Impressions

Most people know Maya Lin for her bold design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. But watershapers in particular should become familiar with a range of her other works as well: For nearly 15 years, reportsWilliam Hobbs, his company has been involved in producing intricate water effects for the famous artist, whose works draw fascinating connections between observers and the mysteries of time and nature.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin November 2002, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Celebrating a Legend
It’s a brief exhibition that should be permanent, saysJim McCloskeyin reference to a New York event all about the career and genius of Roberto Burle Marx. It closes on September 29 — so pack your bags and head for the Big Apple while there’s time: What an opportunity! [more]


Back in Action

Soothing daily aches and pains has beenJim McCloskey‘s most ardent pursuit for the past five weeks — more than enough time to renew his esteem for the value of a good soak in hot, bubbling water and think about making it a greater part of his health-maintenance routines. [more]

Artistic Impulse Dept., Part I: Voguemagazine surveys a stunning set of pools decorated by fine artists.

The one by Picasso is my favorite, but they’re all pretty cool.
Artistic Impulse Dept., Part II:Falling drops of water paint a lattice of ripples across a large, black surface. [more]
The guy may have a dark vision, but the result is gorgeous.

The Designer’s Environment
Back in August 2004,David Tishermandevoted one of the most passionate of all his Details column to taking us all on a tour of a special space that facilitates his work as a watershape designer. [more]

S.R. Smith(Canby, OR) has introduced Mod-Lite, a modular LED pool/spa fixture that operates without a direct connection to its power source. Designed for flexibility, convenience and safety, the lights come in two styles that screw into a base that wirelessly supplies power to the LED, thereby simplifying installation, service and winterizing. For details, clickhere.

David Harber Ltd. (Aston Upthorpe, Oxfordshire, England) offers Chalice, a mirror-polished, stainless steel fountain bowl. Water clings to the outer surface, creating the illusion of a hemisphere slowly revolving on its axis. Available in four diameters from 30 to 60 inches, the bowls can be stacked as a waterfeature and illuminated for nighttime use. For details, clickhere.


Want in on
the Game?
These days, the Internet is the information resource of choice for consumers chasing a huge array of goods and services. But it’s tough for an individual business to capture eyes amid the bewildering quantity of options facing these prospects as they try to find ways to make something like water part of their home or working lives.

That’s why we started theWaterShapes Professional Network— a place consumers are using to get basic information about pool. pond and fountain designers and builders before they start making direct phone calls to arrange for site visits and bids. It’s a new way of making initial contact and getting in the game.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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