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2019/3.2, March 20 — A Space Transformed, Deck Details, Surreal Boldness and more
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2019/3.2, March 20 — A Space Transformed, Deck Details, Surreal Boldness and more


March 20, 2019

Artful Opportunities
The home sits on the edge of a lovely golf course, but it’s backyard definitely needed help. Completely reimagining the space,Juliet Woodinserted a pool, a spa, a cabana, a sweeping staircase and anamazingwater wall to create a fully integrated resource for outdoor family fun.[more]


#33: Flagstone Decking
Few decking materials are more welcome around swimming pools and spas than large flagstones. But this appeal, writesMike Farley, comes from much more than the simple fact that the big slabs look fantastic when they’re thoughtfully (and skillfully) arrayed near water.[more]


Strangely Sublime
This odd, twisting fountain by a noted Surrealist artist was built several years afterJim McCloskey‘s one brief visit to Switzerland. But it’s enough to incline him to add Bern to the list of places he’d like to see the next time the travel bug bites and sends him on his way back to Europe.[more]


Graceful Cascades

Taking great pride in crafting watershapes that are as natural in appearance as possible, pond/stream specialistSteve Sandalishas developed a systematic approach that always guides him in the right directions. A case in point is the project discussed here, in which a thousand tons of stone, hundreds of feet of liner and countless plants came together to create a setting so amazingly romantic that its owner changed his mind about how to put it to use.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin August 2006, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Night Eyes
In essence, saysMike Gambino, landscape lighting is about visualizing the way a space will look when the sun goes down. He shows what that means in practical terms through a project in which he brought nighttime drama to a home and its pool, fountain and garden spaces. [more]


Swimming’s Place

A book about the history of swimming caughtJim McCloskey‘s eye recently, fascinating him with tales reaching from primordial seas and the dawn of civilization to more recent manifestations of what the author clearly sees as an unsurpassed form of human endeavor. [more]

Taking a Stand Dept.:UK synchronized swimmers do their best to perform in a pool filled with plastic debris.

It’s a deft statement about the plight of our polluted oceans.
On the Lighter Side Dept.:Kentucky Fried Chicken turns to crowdfunding to create KFC-themed hot tubs. [more]
Nice publicity stunt, Colonel. Just get the temperature right!

Speaking the Language
Back in 2009,Dave Petersonwas a strong, early advocate for watershaping’s involvement with a key set of standards. Click here to see what he was after — and just how far the industry has come.[more]


RenoSys Offers Stainless Steel Gutter Systems

RenoSys(Indianapolis, IN) has added a stainless-steel version to its DuraTech line of gutters for commercial and institutional pools. Designed for affordable reliability, the new units combine gutter and plumbing in a trough that includes pressurized water returns and inlets, thereby eliminating buried pipes that can break in freeze/thaw conditions. For details, clickhere.
Intermatic Debuts ComboConnect J-Boxes
Intermatic(Spring Grove, IL) produces the ComboConnect Junction Box/Transformer. The compact, hybrid unit provides two line-voltage and five low-voltage connections for underwater and dry pool, spa and landscape-lighting applications, all in the same housing. Designed for tight spaces, the units include a 100-watt low-voltage transformer. For details, clickhere.


Step by Step

TheWaterShapes Professional Networkis all about building a credible, unified web presence where numerous watershapers can convey uniformly formatted, readily compared information in an easily navigated consumer resource. doing so,WPNgives consumers initial access to the marketplace in an environment that guides them comfortably and confidently through the earliest stages of a significant purchasing decision.

True, some homeowners and facility managers are lucky enough when they start looking for watershapers to have friends or colleagues who can refer them to suitable firms. But more often these consumers are on their own — and most start their hunt by searching on the Internet, where finding individual watershapers is a hit-and-miss process.WPNtakes frustration out of the quest by offering a common, neutral web resource filled with possibilities.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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