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2018/8.1, August 8 — The Right Revision, Comforting Spaces, Neptune Pool Repiping and more
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2018/8.1, August 8 — The Right Revision, Comforting Spaces, Neptune Pool Repiping and more


August 8, 2018


Changing Spaces

Taking a chance with someone who wasn’t yet his client,Skip Phillipssketched up an alternative to a proposed pool renovation and ended up completely transforming a large backyard space. It was suddenly a major project — and then came a long list of efficiency-oriented details! [more]

Healing Ways

Through the years,Bruce Zaretskyhas designed enough healing gardens that he knows just how comforting they can be for patients, caregivers and loved ones. But they only work, he notes,when designers keep some basic principles and several user-specific design factors in mind.[more]


Beneath the Shell
It’s been an honor to restore the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle, writesMatthew Reynolds. Butworking under its shell posed multiple challenges, from cramped spaces and hard-to-track piping runs to the constant awareness they were tinkering with a precious cultural treasure.[more]


The Art of the Rectangle

The pool and spa are simple in shape, says builderDavid Tisherman, but the project was anything but: Built on a wildly unstable Southern California hillside and intertwined with extensive remodeling of the clients’ home, the serene finished product contrasts starkly with tales of change orders and complicated decision-making processes — not to mention a desire on the part of client and designer to strive for nothing but the best.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin August 2000, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Thoughts for the Eyes

Balances of plant and stone, layered views, controlled perspectives, carefully plotted footpaths and artful water: All these, writesDouglas Roth, come together in Japanese gardens — and particularly at Kyoto’sKatsura Rikyu, which you should definitely see on any trip to Japan.[more]


Merited Attention

An unexpectedly large flurry of recent media features on the beauty, splendor and significance of swimming pools setJim McCloskeyto conjecturing about factors behind the uptick. It’s all good news, he thinks, but he suspects it’s a story that will keep unfolding for years to come. [more]

Just Amazing Dept.: Have you seen the 350-foot-tall waterfall on the side of this building in China?

It runs infrequently, but when flowing it puts on quite a show.
To Be Young Dept.:Boys imitate their mother’s dive into a pool, and the resulting video just had to go viral. [more]
The first kid does OK, but baby brother? He’s another story.

Neat and Clean
Always a stickler for details,Brian Van Bowerused his Aqua Culture column in August 2003 to define what he considered to be a crucial and very public measure of a watershaper’s professionalism.[more]

Pentair Adds Variable-Speed Pump with Flow Control

Pentair Aquatic Systems(Sanford, NC) has introduced an IntelliFlo variable-speed pump that also provides precise flow control for increased efficiency, savings and performance. The dual-technology design ensures that the desired flow rate is maintained, no matter the conditions. It also has a rotatable keypad, eight speed settings and a built-in timer. For details, clickhere.
Copper Spas and Hot Tubs from Diamond Spas

Diamond Spas(Broomfield, CO) offers custom spas and hot tubs made from copper, a material known for durability in both indoor and outdoor applications. Available with earthy dark and medium-brown colors, the vessels can come in any size or shape with unique seating arrangements, step entries and jet and LED lighting placements. For details, clickhere.


Ready to Make
First Contact?

These days, the Internet is the information resource of choice for those looking for goods and services. But it’s tough for individual businesses to capture attention and interest amid the bewildering array of options facing consumers as they try to find ways to make water part of their home or working lives.

That’s why we started theWaterShapes Professional Network— a place consumers are using to get basic information about pool. pond and fountain designers and builders before they start making direct phone calls to arrange for site visits and bids. It’s a new way of making initial contacts and getting in the game.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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