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2018/6.1, June 6 — All-Tile Exactitude, Overseas Logistics, Concrete Fact-Check and more
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2018/6.1, June 6 — All-Tile Exactitude, Overseas Logistics, Concrete Fact-Check and more


June 6, 2018


A Simple Marvel

The pool and its spa may have simple shapes, saysJimmy Reed, but when they’re finished as boldly as these are with glass and stone tile and custom-cut granite edging,you learn fast that basic contours pose unique challenges when it comes to producing visually flawless surfaces. [more]

Foreign Correspondence
Working in remote locations is not uncommon, but asEd Beaulieurelates here, moving a whole crew of U.S. pond-installation experts to a South American city to build three huge watershapes was a test of everything he knows about people, logistics and project management. [more]


Concrete’s Nature
Words matter, saysPaolo Benedetti, so he asks everyone to stop referring to ‘waterproof concrete.’ Yes,you can coat it or add things to the mix to make it impermeable, but no, without help, not even the best-formulated, densest batch will be able to keep water at bay — and here’s why. [more]


Fluid Dynamics

For years, says watershaper and educatorMark Holden, landscape architects and watershape contractors have had profound difficulty in communicating about the way water should appear in given systems — whether it should flow over a weir, for example, or how much should spray from a nozzle and how far. The root of the problem, he observes, is what he describes as an addressable lack of water-defining detail in landscape architects’ drawings.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin September 2007, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Down to the River

The citizens of an old Colorado steel town invested heavily a few years ago in what they call HARP — the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo. It’s well worth a visit, reportsDonald Brandes Jr., if only to see the extent to which the town has managed to upgrade its rusty image. [more]


Water Warnings

With each return of summer comes another run of articles about how hazardous immersing yourself in water can sometimes be. But this year, notesJim McCloskey, there’s an odd ingredient in the media mix that has challenged his ability to let the stories roll harmlessly by. [more]

Dog’s Best Friend Dept.: Video shows one wise dog saving another as it struggles to get out of a pool.

The amazing thing is how coaxing turns to direct action.
Take a Deep Breath Dept.:Deep-sea diver/dancer Julie Gautier performs an amazing underwater ballet. [more]
Scroll all the way down to see her truly remarkable video.


Maximizing Exposures

David Tishermanhas always taken photographs and recorded the processes with which his watershapes are built. Here’s a look at the thinking behind this passionate advocacy. [more]

Dual-Voltage Variable-Speed Pump from Speck

Speck Pumps(Jacksonville, FL) produces ES90-II variable-speed pumps for swimming pools. Made with permanent-magnet, brushless DC motors, the medium-head units are controlled by advanced-logic electronics that reduce operating costs, energy usage and noise. Corrosion and chemical/UV resistant, they operate at voltages from 110 to 250 volts. For details, clickhereand scroll down.
Rain Curtain from Sheer Water Designs

Sheer Water Designs(Spring Hill, FL) manufactures Sheer Rain, a water curtain that features either one or two rows of streaming, falling water. One row includes 48 streams per linear foot and flows at a rate of a half-gallon per minute, per foot. The double row features 96 streams at one gallon per foot. White is the standard color, but others are available. For details, clickhere.


Putting Your
Portfolio to Work
Watershapers have a distinctive ability to produce spectacular work — but oftentimes real difficulty when it comes to calling their skills and talents to the attention of homeowners and others who are interested in making water part of their daily lives.

That’s where theWaterShapes Professional Networkcomes in:building a collective web presence in which dozens and, ultimately, hundreds of sites participate as an interlinked colossus, it involves watershapers in a group entity large enough that the search engines can’t overlook it. So if it’s a strong (or stronger) web presence you’re after, check it out.
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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