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2018/4.2, April 18 — Rapid Results, Street-Level Beauty, Fountain Grandeur and more
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2018/4.2, April 18 — Rapid Results, Street-Level Beauty, Fountain Grandeur and more


April 18, 2018


Peninsular Charm

Working atop a rocky prominence through a harsh winter on a short schedule? It was enough to makeKurt Kraisingertakea unique approach to the project, drawing support from near and far to get things done — from extensive site preparation through to on-time completion. [more]

Public Pursuits
Adding three big waterfeatures to a prominent Philadelphia streetscape was a logistical challenge, reportsRobert Nonemaker, as was being among the smallest players in a high-stakes project. Handling the pressure took patience — and a self-reliant approach to project management.[more]


Simple Mastery
Long an admirer of Lawrence Halprin’s work,Jim McCloskeyrecalls Portland’s Lovejoy Fountain as the high point of a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest: It’s a captivating composition that gets even livelier when artists take advantage of it as a performance space.[more]


Harvesting Rain

At a time when droughts seem to be aligning with increasing populations to ratchet up the pressure on our supplies of fresh water, the concept of using ponds and streams to capture and store rainwater is one whose time may well have come. Here, Aquascape’sEd Beaulieudescribes the installation of a prototype rainwater-harvesting system in a backyard in drought-plagued Georgia, where fresh water has recently become a precious commodity.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin January 2009, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Water on the Move

Water has a will of its own, observesScott Cohen, and takes advantage of whatever pathways it can find — quite often to go where you don’t want it to go. Unchecked, it can lead to staining that will seriously mar a watershape’s good looks, not to mention a homeowner’s good mood.[more]


A Memorable Milestone

A road trip to California’s Central Coast brought a flood of memories back toJim McCloskeyas he recalled the early days of the Genesis movement — curriculum development, good times, and the laying of foundations on which so much has been built in the past twenty years. [more]

Cultural Vessels Dept.:Article tracks the appeal, history, influence and social role of vanishing-edge pools. [more]

The text is lengthy but sensible — and the photos are great!
Swimming Art Dept.:Web site highlights the best underwater swimming photographs taken in 2017.[more]
It’s the hidden beauty that appears when motion is frozen.


Identifying the Issue

Back in April 2008, university-level instructorMark Holdennoted that watershapes are underrepresented on the curriculum for future landscape architects. Is this a gap that still needs addressing? [more]

LED Pond Lights from Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic Water Gardens(Mantua, OH) has introduced the model SOLW6, a compact LED fixture for both submerged and open-air applications. Made with solid brass for durability and longevity, the quick-connect, warm-white units match halogen or incandescent beam intensity, have 45-degree beam angles and feature and easy-to-replace diodes. For details, clickhere.
Bellatrix Concrete Enhancer from Deck-O-Seal

Deck-O-Seal(Hampshire, IL) offers Bellatrix to enhance and protect concrete pool decks and patios. Formulated using dual-protection technology combined with unique hybrid polymers, the durable, breathable, VOC-compliant, satin-finish barrier is ideal for previously sealed swimming pool decks and patios where a clear protection system is desired. For details, clickhere.


Getting in Shape
for a Strong 2018
These days, the Internet is the information resource of choice for those looking for goods and services. But it’s tough for an individual business to capture eyes amid the bewildering array of options facing consumers as they try to find ways to make water part of their home or working lives

That’s why we started theWaterShapes Professional Network— a place consumers are using to get basic information about pool. pond and fountain designers and builders before they start making direct phone calls to arrange for site visits and bids. It’s a new way of making initial contacts and getting in the game.

TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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