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2018/1.2, January 24 — Tile Precision, Mastering the Plaster Phase, Odd Fountain Fix and more
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2018/1.2, January 24 — Tile Precision, Mastering the Plaster Phase, Odd Fountain Fix and more

January 24, 2018


Perfection, Please

Perfection in tile application is an attainable goal, writesJimmy Reed, but as a look inside this magnificent project conveys, achieving that ambition takes time, patience, skill, precision and a day-to-day awareness on site that every last detail can (and will) make all the difference. [more]

A Plastering ‘Watch List’
Taking control of the plastering process is within reach of any quality-oriented designer or builder, declaresKim Skinner. To help you on your way, he offers this step-by-step guide to managing what should happen on site before, during and after plaster application takes place. [more]


A Monumental Fix
One of the most prominent public fountains in Venice, Italy, features a bold repair solution to what must have been a thorny problem. It may not be optimal in aesthetic terms, writesJim McCloskey, but at least it keeps a towering, historically significant composition in service. [more]


Hearts of Stone

SculptorAlan Hochmanhas carved out a unique niche for himself by using the visual drama of natural stone and combining it with subtle flows of water. These works of sublime beauty and expressiveness draw inspiration from nature, eastern philosophy and a lifetime of study, but he carefully tailors each piece to suit a specific site and the needs of clients who share his passion for sculptures that play with contrasts and even contradictions.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin June 2007, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Edgy Issues

Beyond doubt, vanishing-edge pools can be spectacular. But asScott Cohenreports, there are some all-too-common design defects that can lead to a variety of distracting performance issues — and some of these problems aren’t so easy to address! [more]


Satisfying Feedback

Once each WaterShapes newsletter is released,Jim McCloskeyusually hears quickly from readers with comments and criticisms. Two of his own recent articles drew fast responses — one of a personal nature, the other filled with fascinating additions of historical detail.[more]

Ouch Dept.:Man relaxing in a spa gets smacked in the face, and it had nothing to do with anything he said.[more]

This isnotthe sort of surprise guest that usually drops in.

Irresistible Temptation Dept.:
Pedestrians and skaters take advantage of a frozen pool in Washington. [more]

And it had nothing to do with the government shutdown!


The Main Ingredient

All watershapers should be conscious of one huge fact, wrote Brian Van Bower back in 2003: Water plays such profound role in our lives and well-being that we should avoid doing this one thing like the plague.[more]

Pebble Technology Adds Shimmering Sea

Pebble Technology(Scottsdale, AZ) offers Shimmering Sea, a combination of cultivated abalone and mother of pearl that brings subtle color to a pool’s water surface. The material is standard in ten of the company’s PebbleFina finishes and five of its PebbleSheen finishes, and it can be added to any other PebbleSheen and all PebbleTec finishes. For details, clickhere.
Hydrorider Introduces Aqua Treadmills

Hydrorider(Biscayne Park, FL) manufactures the Professional Aqua Treadmill for use in serious exercise or recuperation regimens. Combining adjustable resistance and a selection of three incline angles, the unit provides lower-body exercise without strain or pressure, features full-length handlebars for easy gripping and has a shock-absorbing platform. For details, clickhere.


Sliding into
the Process
For years now, conventional wisdom has told us that the decision to purchase a watershape of any kind is a process that can take upward of five years from initial thought to actual commitment. That’s where theWaterShapes Professional Networkis so helpful: It gives homeowners and decision-makers an easy, private way to begin their research and an anonymous, private means of gathering information before they reach out and make contact with professionals whose work they admire.

Check it out — and get ready for your future!
TheNetworkis working just the way we’d hoped: Time toclickaboard?

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