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2017/5.2, May 17 — Ponds and Oxygen, Thinking Safety, Classic Yosemite and more
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2017/5.2, May 17 — Ponds and Oxygen, Thinking Safety, Classic Yosemite and more

May 17, 2017

Living, Breathing Ponds
One of the least heralded factors in pond health is also among the most significant: It’s all about oxygen, writes Ed Beaulieu, who reviews the basics while offering some suggestions on how to keep it’s level up where it needs to be to make both fish and plants happy. [more]


Safety Always

Liability is a huge issue with commercial aquatic facilities and waterparks, notes Johnathan Roberts, a fact that has led many operators, managers, designers and builders to focus on safety in ways that go well beyond lifeguard stands, first-aid kits and omnipresent signage. [more]


Rustic Charms

Seeing potential in this winter’s storms, Jim McCloskey headed to Yosemite National Park to view its waterfalls in full-flowing glory. But what really caught his eye was a small fountain he’d never seen in operation before — a nifty highlight of a truly awesome park experience. [more]


Welcoming Waters

For years, watergarden specialist Bob Dews has built his reputation by designing and installing streams, cascades and ponds of remarkable beauty and extraordinary realism. Lately, as he explains here, he’s embraced a new trend by executing projects in the front yards of clients who want a bit of tranquility to ease and invigorate their daily comings and goings and greet visitors with the sort of experience previously only found behind these homes.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in April 2009, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Pond Liners and the Sun

When rubber liners are used in pond construction, competent installers will place an underlayment fabric to protect the material from wear and tear related to roots and other intrusions from below. But as Scott Cohen asks here, what do you do about the sunlight above? [more]


Watching the Water

Happily, approaches to water safety have advanced through the years, reaching a point where commonsense approaches are gaining ground. It hasn’t always been that way, recalls Jim McCloskey, who’s hiked a long trail filled with spokesfish and mangled messages. [more]


Summer Fun Dept.: Kids, water and mishaps go together, as you’ll see in this montage of aquatic follies. [more]
I’m just glad my parents didn’t have video equipment.

Aquatic Nosebleed Dept.: A vertiginous survey of ten of the world’s most astounding rooftop pools. [more]

Some are familiar, but what a great, elevating collection!


The Work of Others

Back in 2007, Stephanie Rose devoted her column to garden-tour season and the value she always found in examining the work of other designers — and in listening to people taking the tours with her. [more]

Pentair Commercial Releases High Efficiency Heater
Pentair Commercial (Sanford, NC) has introduced the ETi 400, a high-efficiency heater that uses a pure titanium, direct-fire heat exchanger for corrosion resistance. The easy-to-install 400,000-Btu unit has a 96-percent thermal efficiency rating; fast heat-up times; ultra-quiet operation; and a rotating control panel for left or right plumbing connections. For details, click here.
Atlantic Water Gardens Produces 2017 Catalog

Atlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has released its 2017 product catalog. The 100-page, full-color digital production highlights new products and covers fountains, formal spillways, pond-free waterfalls, watergarden systems, pumps, rain-harvesting systems, pond and lake systems and lighting along with information on installation and maintenance. For details, click here.


Reaching a
Better Tomorrow

Many watershapers have, through the years, invested heavily in building their own beautiful web sites, then wondered why prospective clients haven’t been beating paths to their doors. The hold-up? It’s a simple fact that building a strong web presence as a stand-alone site is a tough row to hoe — and that’s precisely why we started the WaterShapes Professional Network.

building a collective presence in which dozens and, eventually, hundreds of sites participate as an interlinked colossus, WPN becomes a group entity the search engines can’t overlook. So if it’s a strong (or stronger) web presence you’re after, check it out.

The Network is working just the way we’d hoped: Time to click aboard?

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