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2017/2.1, February 8 — Mosaic Artistry, Pond-Size Wisdom, Plaster Pigments and more
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2017/2.1, February 8 — Mosaic Artistry, Pond-Size Wisdom, Plaster Pigments and more

February 8, 2017

Following Lines
When it comes to refining the way mosaic tile projects come together, says Jimmy Reed, there’s no substitute for persistence in working on intersections where surface planes flow into one another. It takes patience, he adds, and a crew trained to pursue visual perfection. [more]


Pond Calculations

Lots of people know how to figure out how many gallons there are in a given pond. But as Eric Triplett explains in introducing this video, fewer know how helpful that bit of information can be in designing and, for the long haul, in maintaining a thriving watershape. [more]


Pigments and Pools

Colored plaster and aggregate finishes are found in more and more watershapes these days. But as Que Hales, Doug Latta and Kim Skinner discuss, not all pigments are created equal — and knowing how to choose among the options can be the key to a project’s success. [more]


Considering an Option

Most suction-entrapment accidents occur when someone gets caught on a watershape drain that has somehow been compromised. This fact prompted Ray Cronise, a former NASA scientist and current pool company executive, to take a scientific approach and use sophisticated computer software to see what was really going on. His surprising conclusion: For proper circulation, watershapes don’t need the drains that seem to be the focus of the problem.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in November 2008, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Historic Treatments

Philadelphia’s Fairmount Water Works is a monument to the history of water treatment. Established in 1815 and now restored and open to the public, the facility is all about education, writes Ed Grusheski — and is well worth a visit the next time you travel to the City of Brotherly Love. [more]


Silver Linings

California’s persistent drought is in retreat — at least for now. That’s sweet relief, notes Jim McCloskey, but it’s absolutely no reason to set aside all the valuable lessons watershapers have had to learn while surviving challenge after challenge through the past half-dozen years. [more]


A Dog’s Life Dept.: Rescue dogs honor fallen comrade by swimming in a pool filled with tennis balls. [more]
It’s cute, but I can’t help thinking it’s a canine’s nightmare!

A Dog’s Life Dept., Part 2: This buoyant pooch has truly found a pathway to jet-induced puppy nirvana. [more]

Begs the question: Is this how besotted I look in my spa?


The Best Medicine

Five months after September 11, 2001, Brian Van Bower meditated on the societal value of watershapes. Rereading his words today shows how much more we must do to make their virtues better understood. [more]

Custom Molded Products Offers Unblockable Drain

Custom Molded Products (Newnan, GA) has improved its heavy-duty channel drain for increased strength and durability. The units feature a new, integrated water stop to prevent leaks, maintain drain shape and lock into the surrounding concrete. There are also added reinforcing ribs to prevent deformation when the drains are placed in pools. For details, click here.

Modular Shade System from BioClimatic Structures

BioClimatic Structures (Pompton Plains, NJ) is the U.S. distributor for Arlequin Pergolas. Made by Solisysteme in France, the systems feature sliding panels — available in 22 colors — that can easily be arranged to let sun and weather in or block it out. The supporting structures can be custom configured, or the panels can be added to existing structures. For details, click here.


Want to Build
Your Web Traffic?

Through the years, watershapers have invested extensively in building beautiful web sites — but for the most part have been unable to figure out how to help prospective clients find them amid the chaos of the Internet. Why so? It’s because building a strong web presence as a stand-alone site is a tough way to go — and that’s precisely why we started the WaterShapes Professional Network.

building a collective presence in which dozens and, eventually, hundreds of sites participate as an interlinked colossus, we become a group entity the search engines can’t overlook. So if it’s a strong (or stronger) web presence you’re after, check it out.
The Network is working just the way we’d hoped: Time to click aboard?

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