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2017/1.1, January 11 — Contemporary Clarity, Using Bamboo, Navy Pier Magic and more
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2017/1.1, January 11 — Contemporary Clarity, Using Bamboo, Navy Pier Magic and more

January 11, 2017

Working the Angles

The inside of the client’s home reflected her refined style sense, but the outside, well, not so much. That led Kurt Kraisinger to pursue a path that transformed her humdrum suburban backyard into a sleek Contemporary showpiece — one with a subtly nautical presence. [more]


Bamboo Basics

When it comes to the plants he uses around his ponds, Eric Triplett always keeps an open mind. And that’s particularly true about one sort of plant that he loves to include when he can — but that many other landscape and pond professionals tend to avoid like the plague. [more]


First Impressions

An extensive facelift for Chicago’s famed Navy Pier involved creating a brand-new park at its entrance, complete with a large interactive fountain. Working in so public a space amps up the pressure, notes Asmaa Elkorazati — and puts a premium on having the right project team. [more]


House Work

Among all of David Tisherman‘s many projects, this one carried him about as far as it could beyond his usual role as a watershaper: Not only did he design and install an impressive pool, but he also partnered in building the house that went along with it. Working in a rich color palette and soaring, eclectic architecture, he crafted a masterpiece of form and reflection and made the house seem to float on the watershape that embraces it.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in February 2009, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study them in detail.


Fountain Perfection

If you’re looking for a destination that includes — in just one place — several of the most beautiful and influential fountains of all time, you couldn’t go wrong in visiting this site. As Mark Holden sees it, Italy’s Villa d’Este is worthy of inclusion on every watershaper’s bucket list. [more]


Looking Ahead

Before closing the book on 2016, Jim McCloskey felt obliged to revisit three news items that grabbed his attention late last year. Two are strongly positive and say a lot about watershaping’s potential, while the third is a source of concern that just won’t go away. [more]


Bad Winter Ideas Dept.: A wise-guy duo decides to run across the frozen surface of a swimming pool. [more]
Silly assumptions lead them to quick, fully clothed folly.

Bad Winter Ideas Dept., Part 2: A golfing genius decides to play it where it lays on a frozen pond’s surface. [more]

Cleats alone can’t save this guy from a truly epic fail.


Are You Smiling?

Back in 2002, Brian Van Bower started the year by addressing the importance of putting your best foot forward in dealing with clients — a message that packs even more punch in today’s marketplace. [more]

Blue Thumb Offers Twister Fountains

Blue Thumb Distributing (Saginaw, MI) markets the Twister Mini-Fountain Kit by Aqua Bella. Available as a 12-inch-tall, 12-inch-diameter cylinder, the funnel-shaped water effect provides high levels of visual appeal in a compact package. The kit comes with all needed components, including a basin, a pump, plumbing and a special cleaning pad. For details, click here.

Pentair Commercial Adds New BioShield UV Unit

Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics (Sanford, NC) has released BioShield, an ultraviolet water-disinfection system for commercial swimming facilities. The low-pressure units install vertically to save space and destroy harmful waterborne pathogens and irritating chloramines. They also have single-end, top-loading UV lamps for easy servicing. For details, click here.


Ready for
the New Year?
The 2017 season is just around the corner — an opportune time to make certain that strong messages about what you do are found where homeowners and commercial clients will see them.

One such resource is the WaterShapes Professional Network, where increasing numbers of web searchers are looking for information and support that will help them make decisions about who to work with in adding water (and everything that comes with it) to their home and/or business environments.

The Network is working just the way we’d hoped: Time to click aboard?

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