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2015/10.1, October 7 — Construction Nightmares, Pond Rehabs, Glorious Tile and more
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2015/10.1, October 7 — Construction Nightmares, Pond Rehabs, Glorious Tile and more

October 7, 2015

Expansive Errors
If there’s one big mistake on a pool/spa installation, writes Scott Cohen, correcting the situation can be painful. But if there are seven major errors — as there were in the ill-fated project discussed here — you can bet the pain will also include close encounters with attorneys. [more]


Double Play

When a good pond goes bad, says Mike Gannon, the best way to correct its problems often involves adding a new pond alongside the original. As this video shows, the extra watershape helps heal the old one by serving as its biofilter, aerator and beautifying companion. [more]


Let’s Do It!

‘Breathtaking’ is the best word to describe both this project and the leap Jimmy Reed took in persuading the client that the tile-installation part of this huge job — which was to involve application of thousands of square feet of glass tile to ten unique pools — was just a piece of cake. [more]


Stars on the Wetlands

If there was ever a project that underscored the notion that ‘backyard swimming pools’ aren’t what they used to be, this one by Ron Gibbons and his Islip, N.Y.-based company is the perfect choice: Built with a dizzying range of functional and aesthetic features, the project was the combined effort of a client whose budget and ambitions were well matched with the talents and resources of a gifted designer/builder.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in May 2002, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Cooling the Flock

Boston’s First Church of Christ, Scientist, is well known for its original design — and for the spontaneous child’s play that has developed in the facility’s deck-level fountain. Here, John Copley and Lynn Wolff show why it’s a must-see the next time you visit the Bay State. [more]


Industrial-Strength Milestones

Reflecting on his long involvement with watershaping in all of its forms, Jim McCloskey has identified a set of key turning points — historic milestones that define what the pond, fountain and pool segments have become in the course of the past three decades. [more]


If You Can’t Bleat ‘Em Dept.: Herd of goats helps a Georgia town save big on pond maintenance. [more]

Mowing the verges is no longer such a messy issue.

Alcohol and Culture Dept.: Six British architects fined for stripping, cavorting in historic Roman fountain. [more]

It’d never happen back home — water would be too cold!


Life at the High End
Back in 2005, Brian Van Bower addressed a collection of issues and considerations intended to help watershapers figure out how to break through and serve clients on an elevated plane. [more]

Flexible Hardscape Basins from Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic Water Gardens
(Mantua, OH) has launched a line of flexible hardscape basins. Designed for use in formal waterfeatures that include open basins (particularly custom block reservoirs for which frost-proofing is a concern), the UV-resistant units are available in tan or grey in four-, six- and eight-foot widths and include pre-punched bulkhead fittings. For details, click here.
Brilliant Wonders from Custom Molded Products

Custom Molded Products (Tyrone, GA) manufactures Brilliant Wonders, a waterfall system with built-in LED lighting. Each easy-to-install, easy-to-service unit features a sawtooth edge to churn the water and enhance sound effects; the LEDs can be synchronized across multiple waterfalls and are intense enough to work both night and day. For details, click here.


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