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2014/11.2, November 19 — Lifting Pool Floors, Pleasing Frogs, Impalas in Flight and more
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2014/11.2, November 19 — Lifting Pool Floors, Pleasing Frogs, Impalas in Flight and more

November 19, 2014


Raising the Floor

Many renovation projects include lifting the floor of an old pool to make it possible to play games such as volleyball, notes Scott Cohen. So it’s a good idea to know what’s really involved in the process — and how to avoid the serious errors he describes in this article. [more]


An Eye on Aesthetics

The shallowness of a frog pond leaves the installer with real challenges when it comes to achieving a naturalistic appearance. As Eric Triplett demonstrates in this video, the key is taking your time to make the rockwork look as though Mother Nature had a hand in the result. [more]


Kinetic Wonder

On a trip to see something else at the Philadelphia Zoo, Jim McCloskey happened on a fountain and sculpture that perfectly captured the energy of its subject matter — and grabbed far more of his attention than did the original, alarmingly large object of his visit. [more]


Continental Class

Teamwork is about different things on different projects, say Martha and Randy Beard. As contractors who often work in the construction of watershapes conceived by top-flight architects, landscape architects and designers, they sometimes simply follow a plan. In the project covered here, however, their involvement was much broader — and reflects their ability to step up and participate as valued members of the design team.
This article, originally published in April 2006, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Pond Perfection

The ‘pond craze’ may spell opportunity for watershapers, notes Rick Anderson, but a hot market can become too attractive, drawing in operators who lack the skills needed to do quality work. What he suggests is stepping back and reviewing the keys to getting things right. [more]


Updated Wisdom

Back in the early days of the WaterShapes web site, Jim McCloskey helped prepare a series of extremely practical (and unusually revealing) articles that helped define the site’s potential. Here’s a look at those articles — and at the premiere of a new set of ‘Lessons Learned.’ [more]

‘In the Pool . . . I Feel Liberated’
Swimming: Keeping Oldsters Going Despite Their Infirmities


Feeling Right at Home

Hitting the road is a great idea, observed Stephanie Rose in her Natural Companions column from ten years ago this month. Here’s a look at why she sees so much value in fresh perspectives. [more]


Custom Molded Products Offers Sultan’s Jet Systems

Custom Molded Products (Newman, GA) is distributing the JetArray Inline Therapy Jet by Sultan Products. Designed for use in inground concrete pools and spas, the units have no moving parts, can be attached in series and can handle flows of 55 gpm (but can work effectively at 18 gpm) in providing either hydrotherapy action or a swim current. For details, click here.

Waterway Plastics Releases 2015 Catalog

Waterway Plastics (Oxnard, CA) has published its pool/spa product catalog for 2015. The 336-page compendium includes photographs, line drawings and specifications for the company’s full line of hydraulic components — from pumps, filters and air systems to valves, fittings, jets and unions. There’s also warranty and replacement-part information. For details, click here.



Swimming Coach Sells Her House
And Car to Build Pool for City’s Kids

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.

1. Veteran swim coach Sarah Bates recently sold her own house and car to help finance construction of a community pool for the kids in her town — a pool that has been a longtime dream of hers. Where does Sarah live?

a. Bisbee (USA) b. Temora (Australia) c. Whitehorse (Canada) d. Derby (U.K.)

2. According to, Hamad International Airport (HIA) has opened a new spa that boasts, among other things, a 25-meter swimming pool. HIA is located in one of the Arab countries bordered by the Persian Gulf. In which city and country is HIA?

a. Doha, Qatar b. Dubai, UAE c. Abu Dhabi, UAE d. Manama, Bahrain

3. Guinness World Records has confirmed that the global event called “World’s Largest Swimming Lesson,” which took place this past June, was… well… the world’s largest swimming lesson. How many people — both children and adults — participated in the record-breaking event, according to a report on

a. More than 25,000 b. More than 30,000 c. More than 35,000 d. More than 40,000.

To find out how many you got right, click here.

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