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2013/3.1, March 6 — The Nortorious ‘Red Pool,’ Habitats for Turtles, Plumbing Tips and more
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2013/3.1, March 6 — The Nortorious ‘Red Pool,’ Habitats for Turtles, Plumbing Tips and more

March 6, 2013


Splashes of Color

Of all the projects he’s pursued in the past few years, says David Tisherman, he can’t easily think of another that rivals the achievement of this one with respect to balance, color, harmony or sheer energy. The key words here, he adds, are color and energy, with one flowing irresistibly from the other in a reinvigorated backyard that was once drab, uninteresting and crowded with an old pool that just didn’t fit with its surroundings.

This article, originally published in October 2002, has been digitized for all readers. Once you click ‘more’ on the next screen, you can zoom in on images to study the craftsmanship in detail. [click here to continue]


Ponds on the Level

The key to enjoying a backyard pond, says Hollye Merton, is finding ways to minimize maintenance. Here, in the first of three articles, she covers one of these areas and what it takes to maintain the water at the right level without having to lug a bucket or drag over a hose. [more]


Turtle Heaven

When it comes to supporting wildlife, most ponds serve naturally as all-purpose ecosystems. But if turtles are a desired part of the picture, notes Eric Triplett, there are some very specific design features that must be included to keep these fascinating critters happy. [more]


Water Under Pressure

Successful plumbing design for watershapes is all about understanding the relationship between water flow and line velocity, says Steve Gutai. Once you have a good grasp of these factors, selecting the right pipes for the job boils down to reading charts and attending to details. [more]

Sharing Travelers’ Tales

Travel is broadening, notes Jim McCloskey, which is why he devotes so much space in WaterShapes EXTRA to getting readers out on the road. Now he wants to open the dialogue and encourage others to share their experiences and identify great watershapes he’s never seen. [more]

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Amazing . . . Thrilling . . . Inspiring!

Artist Explores the Ocean in
An Underwater Wheelchair


A Seaside Classic

Some objects or places have a unique ability to capture the mood and essence of a time and place. The pool at Miami’s Raleigh Hotel is one of them, writes Brian Van Bower — a reflection of the lifestyle that has made South Florida a magnet for starlets and stargazers alike. [more]


Making Meadows

Lawns can be beautiful, says Bruce Zaretsky, but in times of drought there are alternatives to consider — including the wonderfully naturalistic approach he discussed in his monthly column in March 2008. [more]


Swimmer Killed in Horrific
Shark Attack Near Beach

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late — including reports connected to the three questions below.
1. In a horrific and tragic incident, a swimmer was killed recently by a great white shark — estimated to be 12-to-14 feet in length — right off a popular beach in which country?
a. Australia b. New Zealand c. Maldives d. Sri Lanka.
2. Despite what Hollywood has sometimes portrayed, shark attacks against humans are extremely rare. Approximately how many such attacks take place each year around the world, and about how many fatalities result from them?
a. 10 attacks worldwide, causing five fatalities
b. 100 attacks worldwide, causing 25 fatalities
c. 500 attacks worldwide, causing 40 fatalities
d. 1,000 attacks worldwide, causing 150 fatalities.
3. According to the latest research, how many sharks do commercial fishermen kill each year?
a. 10,000 b. 100,000 c. 1 million d. 100 million.
To find out how many you got right, click here.


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