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One of the biggest architectural stars of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing — along with the spectacular ‘Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium — was the National Aquatics Center, a phantasmagoric structure like no other on earth. But once the Olympics came to a close, what happened to the 'Water Cube' and its dreamy, shifting color patterns?  [more]

Expensive Celebrity AFR!
JLo's Toddler Poops in Family Pool — Resulting Repair Bill Is $6,000  

How much do you know about frog skin? One of the following statements does not come from and is not true. Which is it?

  1. Frogs don’t usually swallow water; instead, they absorb most of the moisture they need through their skin.
  2. In addition to the oxygen they get through their lungs, frogs take in more oxygen from water by absorbing it through their skin.
  3. Frog skin needs to be wet to absorb oxygen — which is why frogs secrete a mucus that makes their skin moist and slimy.
  4. Frogs shed their skin regularly — in some cases weekly, in others daily — to keep it healthy.
  5. Once frogs shed their skin, they bury it in the pond’s mud.

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