The web site for all professionals and consumers who've made or want to make water a part of their lives

WS Site Screen is an access point that allows site visitors to direct their own approaches to a compilation of information about aquatic spaces and related environmental features. These visitors include professionals as well as consumers.

The professionals we serve include landscape architects and designers, watershape designers and builders, general contractors, engineers, architects and a wide variety of specialty contractors and subcontractors, all of whom have a need to keep up with the state of the art, seek new ideas, examine emerging techniques and technologies and find inspiration.

Consumer users include homeowners, commercial property owners or managers and various institutional operators and managers – those who need to know what’s available; have questions about approaches, options, technologies and aesthetic features; and exhibit an even greater need to find inspiration as they consider either a new aquatic space or sustenance of one that already exists.

In this environment, 'watershaping' is the term we use in describing what professionals serving these consumers ultimately do in designing, engineering and building. It is a field of endeavor that includes products ranging from pools, spas and fountains to ponds, streams, waterfalls, water walls and more – any and all forms of contained, controlled water, from birdbaths to lakes.

As for the surrounding environments, these include the shade structures, decks, lighting systems, landscapes, retaining walls, decorative elements and fire features (among others) that are installed by allied professionals who have their own sets of technical needs and face their own range of design challenges.