visual consistency

Hiding the ‘Uglies’
Beyond their ability to hold and circulate water, virtually all concrete watershapes have one more thing in common: Depending upon the size and complexity of the installation, their internal surfaces must be penetrated at a few points (and sometimes at many points) to move water from the
Material Implications
One of my guiding principles has to do with the fact that early decisions my clients and I make about materials have a huge influence on how my watershapes ultimately are designed and built.   The project we've been following through the past few issues is a perfect case in point:  The choice of the bluestone coping and of the one-inch glass mosaic tile for the pool's and spa's interiors started the wheels turning and definitely drove the early stages of the design process. As I've mentioned before, this project and its unforeseen problems (as well as clients who were at times unsure of exactly what