Vance Gillette

2012/9.1, September 5 — Integrated Views, Pond Fixes, Balboa Park and more
SEPTEMBER 5,  2012 ESSENTIAL Integrated Views A spectacular site is often the foundation for…
Blast from the Past
Ever since people started adding swimming pools to their backyards, the companies that make the equipment, tools, systems and accessories that drive or ease their use have tried to reach and influence consumers. Real successes in those efforts can probably be counted on the fingers of a hand or two; I’ve always thought that, as an industry, we do a much better job of talking among ourselves at trade shows and in trade magazines than we do at getting to consumers where they live. You’ll be glad to know that this is not a discussion I want to pursue here; rather, I want to focus
Spread the Word!
My history with Vance Gillette and his crusades began when I was editor of Pool & Spa News. Early in 1990, he approached me with a commentary that, almost overnight, opened everyone’s eyes to a complacency and lack of direction within the pool and spa industry that threatened to
2010/11.2, November 17 — VOCs, Grounding and Bonding, Vance Gillette and more
November 17, 2010 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE VOCs: A Highly Volatile Issue ‘There’s no way around…
Changing the Industry’s Focus
The time has come for a major change in the pool and spa industry: Time to think differently about how we promote and market our products; time to recognize that our products bring more happiness and excitement to people than anything else they can buy; and especially time to