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Palapa Structures Makes Palapa and Tiki Huts
Palapa Structures (Los Angeles, CA) specializes in palapa and tiki-hut structures in a variety of…
Class in the Tropics
I recently had the pleasure of taking a brief trip to Costa Rica.  Beyond a little sightseeing and some rest and relaxation, my purpose was to consult with watershaper Juan Roca to determine the feasibility of creating planting plans to complement his incredible watershapes. I always do my homework when I travel to an unfamiliar area for business purposes, learning as much as I can ahead of time about local vegetation and climate.  As a rule, I contact nurseries, check inventories, inquire about the possibilities of bringing in plants the nurseries may not already carry and in general try to figure out
A Tropical Oasis
When we think of water, much of the time we think of a tropical scene - Hawaii, the Caribbean or some other exotic island somewhere - a place we'd all like to go.   Why not create that "somewhere else" in your clients' backyards?  They'll thank you for all the money you'll save them on that cruise that probably would have been less than perfect anyway.  And this tropical scene will be one they can enjoy not only this week, but for as long as they want. Imagine palm trees swaying in the wind, the sweet smell of