Trevi Fountain

Unruly Times
All summer long, I've been distracted by news stories that have just bugged the heck out of me. First, there have been the multiple items about foolish behavior at Rome's Trevi Fountain - among the most
Fountain Foolishness?
Where do you stand when it comes to people using off-limits public fountains to beat the heat? With the arrival of the dog days of summer, I've spotted a generous selection of news items about people getting in trouble (or at least being chased away) when they've sought cool comfort in the waters of
The Weirdest Idea Ever?
I was a bit startled to read that the University of Alabama intends to put a waterfall feature in its football team’s locker room. I’m as quick to advise anyone who will listen of the wisdom of being around moving water.  It conditions the air, settles the nerves, eases the spirit, masks the world’s noises and offers at least a dozen additional benefits, so there’s a slippery logic to placing what’s being described as a small cascade in the space. But I have to wonder if
Real-World Watershaping
In the past year, I’ve written Travelogues for WaterShapes EXTRA about the reflecting pool on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., and the fountain at Point State Park in Pittsburgh.  In researching these watershapes and looking for suitable video links after selecting them for coverage and starting to write about them, I learned that both had been closed for renovation as I was pulling things together. Apologies for the timing – although I’m reasonably confident
2011/11.2, November 23 — Outdoor Rooms, Trevi Fountain, Life on the Leading Edge and more
November 23, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM FEATURE ARTICLE Inside ‘Outdoor Rooms’ If you think designing patios begins…
Beyond Baroque
    When I first began organizing these “Travelogues” several months ago, my sincere intention was to focus on watershapes found within the United States.  Partly it was a gesture to the restricted travel budgets of modern times, but I also wanted to highlight the fact that 
Test Your Knowledge #8
What fountain in what city played a key role in the film "Three Coins in the Fountain"?