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Unblockable Channel-Drain Covers from Color Match
Color Match Pool Fittings (Phoenix, AZ) makes ABS covers for unblockable channel-style drains that can…
The Cutting Edge
A couple months back, the National Association of Home Builders held its annual convention in Orlando, Fla. - a massive January affair that drew more than 120,000 attendees to view all manner of products falling under the broad umbrella of "home construction." One of the annual centerpieces of NAHB's event is the New American Home program.  Each year, select local contractors build a state-of-the-art home in the show's host city to put the absolute cutting edge of residential design and construction on display.  During the convention, show organizers sell tickets for tours, and thousands of people tour the home.  Once the tours are concluded, the home is sold and becomes a deluxe private residence - and a lot of money from ticket sales flows to charity.   I was fortunate enough to be asked to