the good life

Taking Care
If you asked ten people to rank which was more important in their lives, I’d say seven or eight of them would reflexively say that physical health is more important than success in business.  If you’re not healthy, the reasoning goes, there’s no way to enjoy the fruits of success.  These people also recognize that being robust and healthy gives you a better shot at
2010/8.1, August 4 — Hearst Castle, Color Consistency, Interview and more
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To the Good Life!
It's a statement that draws no argument:  If you work hard, you should get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. For all of the obvious truth of that idea, I wonder how many of us hard-working folks in the watershaping trades take the time for those things that bring us enjoyment and a sense of reward.  To be truthful, my guess is that far too many of us let the hard work get in the way of keeping promises we've made to ourselves to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Years ago, I hosted a radio program with my brother, Guy.  It was called "The Good Life," and the tagline was, "The Bower Brothers sharing their enjoyment of food, wine and the good life."  Neither my brother nor I were