The Dilbert Principle

That’s a Laugh
We all have our different strengths and weaknesses and know that there are certain areas in which we can all improve. In my case, I'm good at the technical side of watershaping, but I'm much less accomplished in the client-relations/"people skills" department.  I've made concerted efforts through the years to seek resources that can help me grow in this area, and my latest book selection is part of that personal quest. Not long ago, I took a twelve-point quiz that's designed to test whether or not you have a good sense of humor.  I've never been a big one for telling knee-slapping jokes and I'd describe my sense of humor as "dry," but I certainly like to laugh and I've always considered myself as being someone who enjoyed things on the funny side.  When I took this test, however, I scored a perfect zero out of twelve, so by this assessment it seems I have no sense of humor at all. Working past this odd humiliation, I began thinking about this