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Considering Service
All watershapes require service and maintenance. How easy or difficult the needed maintenance tasks are for the service technician is largely due to decisions made by the build. Here Steve Kenny explains how his years of service experience, and running a service division, influence his company’s approach to engineering and construction. ...
Detail S129: Coffer Coordination
Creating containment vessels, i.e. coffers, on hillside pools often requires building the coffer far head of the pool itself. As Richard C. Kremer points out in this latest Beneath the Surface detail, doing so requires careful design coordination with general contractors before the coffer is built, as illustrated by this clever containment solution.  ...
Biodesign Creates New Pool Construction Method
Biodesign (Farmingdle, N.Y.) offers an alternative method of swimming pool construction that features a structural coating, consisting of resins and quartz sand molded over an EPDM liner, eliminating the need for structural concrete. The pools can be constructed in a variety of sand colors with molded beach entry edges that blend into surrounding hardscape. To learn more, click here.
Witnessing Transitions
    ‘For all the talk about the spectrum of watershaping – the existence of those who, on one extreme, pursue high-quality, truly custom projects and those on the other who live in a low-end, cookie-cutter realm – I must say that I’ve yet to run into anyone from the fringes of latter camp who’s stepped forward to
Facing Our Aqautic Future
I don’t want to come across like a grumpy old man, but I don’t think kids today are experiencing anything like the aquatic childhood I did. I grew up swimming and bathing and playing in commercial and private swimming pools; wooden, plastic and concrete hot tubs; streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, bays, sounds and gulfs.  I still swim and know I always will. I grew up taking
Ripples #68
Compiled and written by Lenny Giteck Kate Middleton Takes Up Swimming In Preparation for the Royal Birth
What’s Wrong with This Picture?
I was wandering around the web the other day when I came across this headline:  “City Breaks Ground On First New City Pool In 50+ Years.” Ironically, the town getting the new pool isn’t some backwater where there’s been no growth or progress in the last half-century:  It’s Fort Worth, Texas
Checks and Balances
    Through the years, I’ve seen plentiful discussions of the fact that geotechnical (or soils) reports are required for proper watershape engineering.  And it’s not just about complex vanishing-edge or perimeter-overflow pools:  It’s about all swimming pools, spas, fountains and waterfeatures.  Let’s consider that case closed.   But who exactly should 
How to Make Durable Pool Plaster
‘ As familiar as it may seem, plaster is far more complicated than most people think. As a consequence of that complexity, it has for years been the subject of discussion, controversy and a great volume of research and analysis. All of that has been dedicated to reaching