Hydraulic Harmony
Editor's note: Welcome to 'Direct Connections,' a new department that is now part of the WaterShapes feature array. What you'll find here are videos and multi-media presentations on technical and business topics -- including this podcast by Dave Penton about a key factor in system engineering.  
Finding Fountains
Back in the 1960s there was a sign on a road entering Alaska that read, "Choose your rut carefully - you will be in it for the next 200 miles." Changing lanes in business can be stressful and risky, but sometimes it's the wisest choice because the road you're on could be leading nowhere. That's what happened to our company, Laughing Waters. I started out in the pond business as a teenager and for years we were full-speed ahead installing naturalistic water features, including ponds, streams
Fountain Assets
As a company that's been around for many years in the landscape and pool trades, we knew as we expanded our offerings to include fountain restoration, design and installation that experience and contacts would eventually lead to referrals. What's been unexpected given our past work with mainly residential clients is that fact that our fountain referrals have come in bunches as we work with developers and architects and get involved in
Grand Solutions
It's the nature of the game: One of the great sources of pride for any good watershaping business has to do with its ability to find solutions to difficult challenges - a new way to achieve something familiar when the established or conventional approach won't work, for example, or dealing with site constraints that repeatedly send you back to the drawing board. That's the sort of pride we had coming out of our work on the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain and its accompanying splash pad at Grand Park in Los Angeles, and it was intensified by the fact that this was the restoration of a 60-year-old fountain that had originally been built with an entirely different approach from anything we'd consider today - but whose physical constraints we couldn't
Subtle Precipitation
This project started in a most unusual way, with the client telling me how little he liked the property he and his wife owned and that a move was likely in the near future. But in the meantime, he said, she wanted a pool. So there I was, sizing up a challenging site and wondering if
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2018/7.1, July 11 — A Special Edition — WaterShapes’ Greatest Clicks!
Making a River Flow
  For more than 50 years, our company has focused on designing and building swimming pools for municipalities, universities, health clubs, state parks, swim clubs, subdivisions, apartments and hospitals - with some residential projects added in for good measure. We're good at what we do, and if we've learned anything through the years, it's that we're successful because we approach each and every project as being
Every Piece in Place
When you step up to tackle what might possibly be the most challenging job your company has ever pursued, there's definitely a gut check involved.  Do you have the required staff?  Can you call on top-flight subcontractors?  Do you have the stamina to get involved and stay involved for the duration of a seriously long, seriously complex project? As we found in building the seven watershapes