plaza design

Team Building
This was a fun one - a project that was fully within our comfort zone but pushed us into new territory and gave us an opportunity to shine in a unique design context. We had worked with the property-management firm before, and they called us in to have a look at a large space behind a multi-story office building in Overland Park, Kans., where we were also to meet with the building's owner and some of the project's stakeholders. We had done well in our
Upside-Down, Anyone?
I was the third of four McCloskey children to attend UCLA.  All three of my sisters went there, two of them before me, one after.   My middle sister, Susan, started in the fall of 1968, and I recall that there was quite a buzz about this weird new fountain that had just been commissioned on one of the campus’ many plazas:  It was essentially upside-down, with water flowing from the edges toward an off-centered well, and it soon became known as the Inverted Fountain. I was 13 or 14 the first time I saw it.  I’d gone with Susan to some on-campus event, and she gave me a brief tour of the place – including the plaza with the weird new fountain.  At that point