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A New Oasis
William Rowley & Scott Mackey It's one of those places you really have to see to believe. Part indoor waterpark and part competition facility, the Sierra Vista Aquatic Center is owned by the town of Sierra Vista, Ariz., a desert community of approximately 35,000 retirees and military families located near the sprawling Fort Huachuca army base.  That's about 50 miles south of Tucson - and about as remote as a town can get.   Known locally as "The Cove," the aquatic facility represents the town's commitment to its citizens' quality of life and a nod to the potential recreational water has to transform a community.  From start to finish, the project took about four years and cost about $6.7 million, all paid for by the city. Designed by Tucson architect Scott Rumel, the basic facility was built by Lloyd Construction under the management of construction supervisor Leon Davis.  Tucson pool builder Mark Ragel of Patio Pools set up the various watershapes, while our firm, Rowley International Inc. of Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., took care of the aquatic design and engineering. The facility opened in
Thermal Potential
Some details seem simpler than they really are.  A case in point is the one I'll describe this time - a detail I call a thermal ledge. In one sense, it's really just a large a big bench located a few inches below the water's surface, but in terms of what it is structurally and what it does to increase enjoyment of a pool, it's something truly special. The ledge pictured here is visually interesting in the way its stone surface picks up the rockwork used throughout the deck and the barbecue area and within the pool itself.  As important, it provides the homeowners and their guests
Fun in the Sun
I like a good challenge in my work, and I like to have fun making it happen.  This project embodied the best of both experiences.   The project displayed on these pages was built for a wealthy client who lives on a working horse ranch in the rolling green countryside near Ocala, Fla.  Our company, Certified Construction, was up to the task.  We build hundreds of highly customized watershapes each year for a variety of theme parks, resorts and high-end residences.  Most have highly developed "themes," so we're accustomed to providing our clients with heavy doses of imagination and creativity. The basic marching orders on this job were straightforward:  The owner wanted a theme park on his property for his kids - and he didn't really care about