2018/6.1, June 6 — All-Tile Exactitude, Overseas Logistics, Concrete Fact-Check and more
Maximizing Exposures
‘I take a lot of pictures of my work – so many, in fact, that friends and colleagues often tease me about it.’  That’s how David Tisherman opened his Details column of June 2003, broaching a subject near and dear to his heart. ‘[W]hat may seem like an obsession to others seems like good, commonsense business practice to me.  In fact,’ he continued, ‘I believe that every single designer and builder involved in the creation of quality watershapes should record his or her work photographically – and should make a point of doing so in a way that
A Critical Eye
I spend a lot of time looking at watershapes:  Big and small, elaborate and simple, recreational and decorative, calm and eruptive, distant and interactive.  In too many ways to count, they're so much nicer now than when WaterShapes started paying attention to them 16 years ago. I think back to a time when I was an occasional
2013/6.1, June 5 — Angular Vanishing Edges, Ponds for Schools, Backyard Waterparks and more
                             June 5, 2013        …
Thinking Video
Back in 1999, when WaterShapes magazine was just starting, we engaged in lots of discussions about our need for good-quality photography to illustrate the points we wanted to make about superior construction and the minute details involved in 
Through the Lens
Welcome to the first installment of “References,” an occasional feature that highlights professionals who contribute to the watershaping process.  I (and eventually some others) will be using this space to identify people who have had a significant effect on my work – and to suggest how similar associations might be helpful to other watershapers. This time around, I’ll deal with something that has always been dear to my heart: 
Maximizing Exposures
I take a lot of pictures of my work - so many, in fact, that friends and colleagues often tease me about it. Chief among those antagonists are my Genesis 3 compatriots, Brian Van Bower and Skip Phillips, who have a running joke about how I always have a slide show ready, whether it's two in the morning in my home or off in some location far removed from classrooms or offices. And it's true:  Because I shoot 35-mm slides of every aspect of every one of my projects, I usually
Resolving Resolution
I understand why so many people love digital cameras:  You don't have purchase or develop film, you can check your images instantly, and it's easy to upload pictures onto your computer and
Starting to Click
It's really too bad that no one was around with a camera, taking pictures when the Egyptians built the great pyramids.  Just imagine the volumes of