A Memorable Milestone
I've recently returned from four days of celebrating the 20th anniversary of Genesis with friends and colleagues in Paso Robles, Calif. - about 35 miles away from where it all started for them at Morro Bay on the state's Central Coast.  The weather wasn't as brilliant as it might have been, but everything else about the event was top notch and
A Long, Strange Trip
As this newsletter appears, I'll be heading north to Paso Robles, Calif., to participate in the 20th Anniversary Celebration for Genesis - very much aware of the fact that it's a two-decade landmark for WaterShapes, too: We started pre-launch activities related to the magazine at about the same time the founders of Genesis began organizing their
Sad Partings
Two recent obituaries caught my eye, one for Herman Silverman, who passed away in May at age 97, the other for John Kelley Jr., who was just 67 when he died in June. I don't believe I ever met Herman Silverman, but I do recall hearing his name so often that
Taking Shape
The issue you hold in your hands marks the completion of WaterShapes' fifth year in print - a milestone that I can't believe is happening so soon.   It doesn't seem all that long ago that