The Future for Pools?
To gain a larger perspective on what tomorrow holds for our planet and our watershapes, writes James Robyn, start by looking beyond our day-to-day lives to see what history, science and astronomy can tell us -- then consider what it'll take to ensure a long, safe, prosperous future.      
The Preservation Arts
I've written quite a bit - and, I think, with passion - about the need to preserve and protect our cultural heritage as it relates to watershapes (click here, for one recent example).  There are plenty of grand public pools, classic fountains and even some architecturally significant residential watershapes that
Enduring the Water Wars
I don't tend to be an alarmist, but I have to say that the mood about the drought here in California is scarier than anything I've witnessed in a lifetime of water awareness. We've been through these episodes before, of course.  More times than I can count, the state has been rescued by late-season rains or heavier-than-estimated snowpacks.  But this drought seems different, from one end of California to the other - more severe, more desperate, more polarizing and more caught up in quick reactions than in
Stoking the Mojo
By now, most of us have noticed or at least heard news of the onset of a much- anticipated rebound in the economy.  Most watershapers I speak with confirm that it’s true (although to widely varying degrees) and that they are indeed experiencing increases in business – both with new contacts and old leads that have come back into play. I write those words knowing that you may or may not be convinced that this is the real thing.  After all, we’ve learned some tough lessons during this recession, not the least of which is to be wary when pundits offer predictions that they seem perfectly willing to adjust from week to week. At present, however, most of these economic gurus are
Safety First
Last October, I had the pleasure of attending the American Society of Landscape Architects’ convention in Philadelphia.  While there, I spent much of my time sitting in the WaterShapes booth in the exhibit hall and found myself fielding a surprising number of questions from landscape architects about aquatic safety – and particularly on the new federal regulations and standards having to do with entrapment prevention.   At first, I thought it was strange that this was such a hot topic among landscape architects, who, as a rule, haven’t been
Fulfilling Prophesies
If you’re paying even the slightest bit of attention to the world at large, you’ve probably heard more than you ever wanted to know about current economic conditions.   Indeed, everything that has happened in the past year or so with both our national and the global economy has made it hard for some people to think optimistically about the future.  These are perilous times, as some say, and in one way or another, I know we’re all being affected by what’s going on. But that doesn’t seem to be the whole story.  In fact,