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Santa’s Back!
As we acknowledged when we first spoke with him in 2010, the subject of this interview is known by many names in many places - Father Christmas, Père Noël, Kriss Kringle and Saint Nicholas, among others.  But in America, wide-eyed children of all ages mainly know him as Santa Claus.   Imagine our surprise
2011/2.1, February 9 — Natural Pools, Ripples, Traditional Gardens and more
February 9, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM   FEATURE ARTICLE Natural Pools: Safe for Swimming? BioNova President and…
Natural Pools: Safe for Swimming?
We’ve been conditioned in the United States to think that the only safe water is water that has been sanitized by powerful chemicals and/or devices using ozone or ultraviolet light. In fact, it seems that our industry has promulgated a doctrine that we need to
A Natural Transition
Did you know that there's a strong trend toward creating ponds that are made for swimming in Germany and Austria?  That revelation came by way of a terrific book I just finished - Natural Swimming Pools:  Inspiration for Harmony with Nature by Michael Littlewood (Schiffer Publishing, 2004). Littlewood is an American landscape designer who moved to Europe several years ago and has since become involved in the design and installation of naturalistic watershapes that are a distinct departure from run-of-the-mill concrete pools we encounter in the United States.   Indeed, he and scores of other watershapers throughout Europe are setting up vinyl-lined ponds that lack most of what we'd recognize as pool features or equipment, but are deep enough and big enough for swimming and other forms of aquatic exercise.  And the simple fact is that their European clients seem inclined to