muriatic acid

Detail: H101
Safe and secure chemical storage is a key consideration for commercial watershape facilities, or any aquatic setting where chemicals are kept in large quantities. This handy detail from Dave Peterson addresses the list of concerns and issues that arise from the need to store and control potentially hazardous chlorine and acid supplies.
How Big Is That Pool?
Almost anyone who’s spent much time around swimming pools is familiar with the classic method for measuring their water volume – that is, by multiplying length by width by average depth and then multiplying that result by 7.5, which is approximately the number of gallons in a cubic foot. That’s all well and good for basic rectangular watershapes, but what do you do when the pool in question has a truly irregular shape?  The answer, as we’ll discuss here, has to do with
Pentair Offers the IntellipH Controller for Pools
  Pentair Water Pool & Spa (Sanford, NC) offers the IntellipH, a pH controller that…