Finding the Look
‘Not long ago, I was asked by a reporter from The New York Times to define the main difference between swimming pools now compared to what they were 20 years ago. As we talked,’ wrote David Tisherman in his Details column for the December 2007 edition of WaterShapes, ‘it became clear that she was mostly thinking about technological breakthroughs in pumps and chemical treatments and the like. ‘I confirmed for her that, yes, those products had come a long way. But I wouldn’t let her stop there, suggesting that there was much more than
Mediterranean Charm
Our firm has always focused on the creation of watershapes and landscapes for championship-level golf courses.  It is work on an enormous scale in beautifully conceived settings, and the clients are extraordinarily demanding.  On occasion, our work has reached beyond the links and into the grounds and homes that surround them. That makes sense, because the lion's share of our work on fairways, tees and greens runs parallel to development of adjacent luxury homes.  This means that we often expend considerable energy in considering the views from future home sites and the ways our watershapes and landscapes visually interact with what are often