Core Value
To my way of thinking, even a so-called average swimming pool is a wonderful thing. It's a product we place in a backyard for the long haul, a product that provides an ongoing recreational experience, operates reliably, enhances lifestyles and adds to property values while offering quality family benefits.  With that in mind, I firmly believe that we as an industry must collectively make the decision that there's no place for second-rate construction. "Bargain construction" doesn't work in our industry simply because of the
Mid-Range Mastery
It's a basic and important idea:  Quality and beauty can and should be provided across a wide range of pricing levels. In my work, I design and build many residential and commercial watershapes with budgets well into six figures; I also tackle many projects firmly planted in the five-figure range.  No matter the budget, I believe strongly that I owe it to my clients to deliver a watershape of lasting beauty each and every time.   Fact is, quality and artistry often can be achieved with a distinctly uncomplicated program.  By bringing a watershape's design into harmony with the architecture of the home and/or other adjoining structures, it's often possible to enhance aesthetics and value without dramatically increasing the price tag. Take the project seen here as an example:  Through careful placement and shaping of the vessel, artistic edge treatments and minor elevation changes - none of which added appreciably to the cost - I left my clients with a watershape they love at a price they could
Pride, Not Pretense
There's an important point about this magazine that I'd like to clarify:  A small number of readers have commented that because this magazine tends to