McCloskey Prize

Joy and Glory
Just a couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending the day with a long-time WaterShapes contributor – and my good friend – Dr. William N. Rowley.  Just a year ago this month, Bill was one of the first recipients of the McCloskey Prize, and as we noted at the time, he has from the start of the magazine been a tireless supporter of our efforts to build pride and professionalism
David Tisherman
I’ve known David Tisherman and his work for more than 20 years.   Back when I worked for another industry publication, there was a time when that magazine had
William N. Rowley
When Jim McCloskey and I began working toward the launch of WaterShapes in the summer of 1998, we knew that making our new magazine into something completely different would require expert advice from top people in the field.  One of the first I suggested turning to was Dr. William N. Rowley. By that time, Bill’s accomplishments in the field of
Anthony Archer Wills
Even as one who makes a living writing and editing, it’s difficult for me to find words sufficient to describe the experience of meeting and getting to know Anthony Archer Wills. The best I can do is to describe encountering him as being something akin to
Behind the Prize
My father was a teacher by trade. When I was a kid, there were bookcases on the landing between the two floors of our home filled with the volumes he had used in teaching the history of science and technology in the 1940s and ’50s.  There was one book on those many shelves that always fascinated me. He’d purchased it in France just after World War II ended, and it had neverbeen bound or trimmed, meaning the pages didn’t open unless you cut the edges with a knife.  The book was entitled L’Architecture:  Le Passé, Le Présent, and it gradually revealed its treasures to me as I grew bold enough to