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airwater solutions artAir & Water Solutions (Nutley, NJ) has introduced BioOx Swim, a system designed to clean the air at indoor aquatic facilities. The easy-to-install units come in three sizes for placement on pool decks and in other areas; larger facilities will require multiple units, which draw air through water injected with natural enzymes that destroy harmful toxins. For details, click here.






hayward vs omni art 2

Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has released the VS Omni variable-speed pump system. Designed as an easy way to add scheduling and smart control to pools, the units work with existing equipment and control up to four devices from almost all suppliers. The systems include a hub, a relay and a control pad, all manageable with a smart phone. For details, click here.




CMP AOP25 artCMP (Newnan, GA) has released the DEL AOP 25 sanitizer, a unit that aligns a plasma ozone cell with an ultraviolet light chamber to create hydroxyl radicals – a powerful synergy that destroys up to 99.9 percent of harmful water contaminants (including chemical-resistant bacteria) and significantly reduces the required level of residual chlorine. For details, click here.







hayward hcf filter artHayward Commercial Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has introduced HCF Sand Filters. The units feature rapid open/close, no-tool lids with two viewing ports and a 12-by-16-inch manway large enough to permit easy media loading and inspection. The tanks also have oversized grid-array laterals for improved filtration and longer filter cycles. For details, click here.





shock alert artShock Alert (O’Fallon, MO) has introduced a monitoring system that detects electrical voltage gradients in pools and other waterfeatures. An operator moves the floating detector around the watershape using the included tether; the unit has three probes and includes flashing and audible warnings that intensify as it is moved closer to a power source. For details, click here.






pentair ETi 400 artPentair (Sanford, NC) has launched the ETi 400, a swimming pool heater with a direct-fire, pure titanium heat exchanger for long-lasting, energy-efficient heating. Designed for use with pools of up to 75,000 gallons, the units offer 96-percent thermal efficiency (using either natural gas or propane) and have tubing shaped for maximum flow and efficiency. For details, click here.






APC deck mount artAutomatic Pool Covers (Westfield, IN) manufactures a wheel-less, deck-mounted, fully automatic AutoGuard pool cover system designed specifically for retrofitting onto existing pools. The system includes a cover housing and uses control technology that prevents damage to components. It also features a special vinyl that decreases deck drag. For details, click here.





del solar 50 artDEL Ozone (San Luis Obispo, CA) manufactures Solar Eclipse 50, an ozone-generating system designed for swimming pools holding up to 25,000 gallons. The design ensures that hydroxyl radicals are delivered into the water using advanced plasma-gap ozone cells and high-output UV lamps via variable-speed-pump-compatible Mazzei venturi injectors. For details, click here.












CMP skimmer lid artCMP (Newnan, GA) manufactures Natural Wonders Deck Covers as a custom design element intended to keep skimmer covers from becoming unwanted visual distractions. The heavy duty units are available in four natural finishes – White Stone, Sand Stone, Gray Stone and Brick – selected to complement common decking systems. For details, click here and scroll down.







Fox drop in artFox Pool Corp. (York, PA) offers pre-plumbed PoolMate Spas to drop into a deck alongside or near a swimming pool.  The units include a pump and filtration system along with a 250,000 Btu heater.  They also have easy-access steps and an insulated cover, offer 12 or 25 jets and come in Sparkling White or Gray Granite.  For details, click here.








aquacal heatwave artAquaCal (St. Petersburg, FL) has streamlined the look of its HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pumps.  The corrosion-proof cabinets are rust- and fade-proof and have louvered side panels to protect the evaporator coil while ensuring efficient air flow.  There’s also a control panel flips out to protect it against sun and weather.  For details, click here.





pentair c acudrive artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) manufactures Acu Drive XS, a variable frequency drive that reduces aquatic facilities’ operating costs by minimizing energy consumption as well as routine maintenance, because the units also feature motor soft start and decrease water hammer to protect shafts and impellers.  For details, click here.







DEL eclipse uv artDEL Ozone (San Luis Obispo, CA) offers Eclipse UV, a disinfecting system that keeps pool and spa water clean, clear and safe.  Made with a clear glow ring for easy visual confirmation of operation, the units have cooling vents coupled with a heat shield to protect the system from heat and a built-in ball valve for convenient draining and winterization.  For details, click here.