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pentair vsf pump artPentair Aquatic Systems (Sanford, NC) has introduced an IntelliFlo variable-speed pump that also provides precise flow control for increased efficiency, savings and performance. The dual-technology design ensures that the desired flow rate is maintained, no matter the conditions. It also has a rotatable keypad, eight speed settings and a built-in timer. For details, click here.




bradford spa artBradford Products (Leland, NC) fabricates custom spas in stainless steel. Available in any shape or size with any number of hydrotherapy jets and custom finishes, these systems are built to suit a client’s unique needs. A full run of special features are possible, including waterfeatures, lighting, waterfalls, vanishing edges, acrylic or glass sides and more. For details, click here.




pentair AK110 artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) has updated its Acu-Trol AK110 water chemistry controller to comply with California’s Title 22 requirements. Designed for continuous monitoring and control of pH, disinfectant levels, temperature and flow rates, the unit records up to 36 days of sensor data in one- or two-hour recording intervals. For details, click here.




aquastar led artAquaStar Pool Products (Ventura, CA) offers LED pool fixtures in which the angle of the light beam can be adjusted by up to 20 degrees with a simple key. Designed to reduce surface glare and for enhanced illumination of deeper pools, the fixtures are made with UV-resistant plastic and have long-lasting, easily replaced LEDs that save on energy costs. For details, click here.




intermatic readyset artIntermatic (Spring Grove, IL) has launched the ReadySet Electronic Valve Actuator for use in pool and spa applications.  Designed to speed installations, the device mounts to most common two- and three-way diverter valves and allows for establishing valve-position set points without unscrewing the actuator casing.  For details, click here.




controlomatic megachlor artControlOMatic (Grass Valley, CA) offers MegaChlor, a salt chlorine generator for pools and spas with capacities up to 17,000 gallons.  Designed for easy installation, the self-contained electrolytic process uses low salt concentrations to generate free chlorine and has a timer to adjust chlorine output along with LED lights that indicate the salt level.  For details, click here.




chemtrol pc2100 artChemtrol (Santa Barbara, CA) has introduced the PC2100 Controller for automatic management of ORP and pH along with a display of the Langelier Saturation Index. Designed with improved electronics, a large eight-line screen display and a USB port for easy data downloads, there’s also an optional sensor for levels of free chlorine. For details, click here.







prozone pz2 artProzone (Huntsville, AL) produces the PZ2-1 and PZ2-2 compressor-driven ozonators for commercial pools and spas.  Designed for fast installation, quiet operation and maximum ozone production, the units have multiple lamps designed to sanitize water in pools up to 25,000 gallons and in spas up to 10,000 gallons.  For details, click here.





clearwater cd550 artClearwater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) manufactures Microzone CD550, a corona-discharge ozone generator for small bodies of water, including spas, ornamental waterfeatures and aquariums.  Easy to install and maintain, the wall-mounted unit requires no air preparation and reduces or eliminates chemical dosing while eliminating odors.  For details, click here.



sheer water rain artSheer Water Designs (Spring Hill, FL) manufactures Sheer Rain, a water curtain that features either one or two rows of streaming, falling water.  One row includes 48 streams per linear foot and flows at a rate of a half-gallon per minute, per foot.  The double row features 96 streams at one gallon per foot.  White is the standard color, but others are available.  For details, click here.





speck es90 artSpeck Pumps (Jacksonville, FL) produces ES90-II variable-speed pumps for swimming pools.  Made with permanent-magnet, brushless DC motors, the medium-head units are controlled by advanced-logic electronics that reduce operating costs, energy usage and noise.  Corrosion and chemical/UV resistant, they operate at voltages from 110 to 250 volts.  For details, click here.




pentair stark artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) produces the Stark Series of sand filters for commercial applications.  Configurable to meet all needs, the units can be installed side by side or end to end and can also be stacked.  Designed for easy installation and maintenance, they are available with either standard or custom influent and effluent placements.  For details, click here.





ricorock 2 step artRicoRock (Orlando, FL) manufactures Texas Two-Step, a cast-concrete rockwork system used to add a waterfall as part of a pool or spa renovation.  Made up of eight lightweight pieces, the base sections have a lip that wraps over the coping for a built-in look and components install easily to provide an aesthetically pleasing cascade that won’t leak.  For details, click here.




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