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bradfordreflectingartBradford Products (Leland, NC) makes WaterFX Reflecting Pools for both residential and commercial applications. Designed to bring a measure of peace and tranquility to any indoor or outdoor environment, the shallow stainless steel vessels can be customized to any desired size or shape and are available with tile finishes as well as lighting systems. For details, click here.




specknormblockartSpeck Pumps (Jacksonville, FL) now offers the Normblock Multi line of pumps for commercial pools, fountains and waterparks with elevated salt concentrations. Available in 7.5-, 10-, 15- and 20-horsepower models, the energy-efficient, quiet-running units have housings and impellers made of high-performance plastic for corrosion resistance. For details, click here.



ramuccopingartRamuc Pool Paint (Rockaway, NJ) now offers a safe, low-VOC spray paint specifically designed to brighten and protect a pool’s existing coping material. Available for use in renovations and restorations, the environmentally safe, gloss-white material gives the old substrate a fresh look while protecting it from dirt, chipping or fading. For details, click here.



spectrumaquabuddyartSpectrum Products (Missoula, MT) makes the Aqua Buddy, a battery-powered pool lift that offers a smaller footprint and single-axis operation for motel, hotel and any other applications where deck space is limited. Constructed of powder-coated stainless steel for durability, the units feature a secure mounting system and lift up to 350 pounds. For details, click here.



haywardselectafloartHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has released SelectaFlo Valves for use with diatomaceous-earth filters. Designed to provide up to 90-percent less head loss than multiport valves, the units feature trigger-action handles that makes it easy to select among four valve/filter functions with the company’s ProGrid and DEP 500 filters. For details, click here.



davincispasartDa Vinci Spas (Littleton, CO) manufactures a custom stainless steel hot tub with plexiglass front panels and a matching external staircase. Designed for use on second-floor balconies, the heavy-duty units are available in sizes large and small and feature 1.5-inch-thick acrylic panels along with hydrotherapy pumps and jets, top-ledge controls and LED lighting. For details, click here.



looploclightartLoop-Loc (Hauppauge, NY) now offers Aqua-Xtreme, a mesh pool-cover material that features maximum light blocking to deter algae growth – and thereby ensure a cleaner pool in spring when the cover comes off. The mesh weave is strong but is only half as heavy as a solid safety cover and drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging. For details, click here.



pentairintelliconnectartPentair Aquatic Systems (Sanford, NC) now offers IntelliConnect, a control and monitoring system that allows pool owners to adjust water-chemistry levels, turn on waterfeatures, control lights, change pump speeds or filtration cycles and more, all via a smartphone or computer. In all, the system controls up to five pool devices. For details, click here.



raypakelectricheaterartRaypak (Oxnard, CA) has introduced the Electric 3 Series Titanium heater for pools and spas. Built with titanium heating elements and 316L stainless steel components to withstand extreme water conditions and salt chlorination, the compact units install easily, are suitable for new projects or remodels and come in four models from 18,767 to 92,128 Btus. For details, click here.



cmppowercleanartCMP (Newnan, GA) has introduced Powerclean Salt Ultra, a chlorinator that uses common salt to produce pure chlorine for use in sanitizing pool water. Designed for durability, affordability and serviceability, the compact units feature clear housings that make it easy to see when it’s time to clean the cells, which remove easily for cleansing without acid. For details, click here.



haywarddep500artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has launched the DEP 500 series of pleated-element diatomaceous-earth filters. Designed to trap more dirt with less maintenance, the units combine cartridge technology with the superior water clarity and low head loss of D.E. filtration with elements that can be backwashed or quickly removed and rinsed. For details, click here.



ecosmartestdturboartEcoSmarte (Minneapolis, MN) manufactures the Standard Turbo oxidizing/ionizing system for residential swimming pools holding up to 50,000 gallons. Designed to eliminate the need for sanitizing chemicals or for adding silver to the water, the units feature titanium electrodes and also generate carbon dioxide to eliminate the use of acid as a pH controller. For details, click here.



skimmerlidshideartSkimmer Lids (Yatala, Queensland, Australia) has introduced the Hide skimmer lid for concrete swimming pools. Made of 316 stainless steel and offering a range of depths to accommodate various filler materials, the unit comes with a safety key, height adjusters and an edge-protection system that keeps surrounding material from chipping or breaking. For details, click here.



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