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Zodiac MX8 artZodiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) announces the release of the MX8 Elite suction-side pool cleaner.  Featuring a wide cleaning path with cyclonic scrubbing action, the units offer deep cleaning with brushes that constantly stay in touch with pool surfaces all the way up to the tile line to spin, scrub and remove fine and stuck-on debris including algae.  For details, click here.




AutoPilot total artAutoPilot (St. Petersburg, FL) offers the Pool Pilot Total Control System as an accurate, reliable way to maintain balanced pool and spa water.  The salt chlorinator interfaces with smart-pool systems and includes a monitor that tracks flow, temperature and salt level as well as pH, activating an acid pump as needed to keep the pH within a specified range.  For details, click here.







Hayward TriVac 700 artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) announces the new TriVac 700 pressure cleaner for swimming pools.  With top-skimming and bottom/wall cleaning modes, theExpert Line  cleaner captures both floating and sunken debris in its large filter bag.  The unit also features the company’s AquaDrive propulsion system to quickly cover pools of any size or shape.  For details, click here.




ClearWater Tech catalog artClearWater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) offers a digital product catalog covering its full line of cabinet and wall- or skid-mounted ozone-generating systems – including systems for swimming pools, spas and waterfeatures as well as aquariums, zoos and aquaculture applications.  The 20-page, full-color booklet also covers peripheral equipment.  For details, click here.









Hayward Navigator artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has introduced the Navigator V-Flex, a clog-free, suction-side, Expert Line cleaner that features an internal turbine design to increase suction while allowing the cleaner to operate efficiently at the lower flow rates encountered with variable-speed pumps.  Upgrade kits are available to bring current units fully up to date.  For details, click here.




S.R. Smith Light Streams artS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) manufactures Color Light Streams, a line including laminar jets, star-floor systems and lighted bubblers.  The low-voltage, five-watt LED lights are available in six colors:  white, blue, green, red, amber and purple.  Each system comes with 100 feet of cable and a controller that creates color-changing and disco-style displays.  For details, click here.










VacCare Valve artVacCare (Simi Valley, CA) produces the Model AR300 automatic air-relief safety valve for use in releasing trapped air within a pool/spa filter.  Designed to replace existing pressure gauges and manual valves, the units protect the equipment and anyone who works with it – pool operators and technicians as well as homeowners – from accidental blow-offs.  For details, click here.










H2O Flow FlowVis artH2O Flow (Sylvania, OH) has introduced the FlowVis Flow Meter, an affordable, reliable control device designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains and waterfeatures.  Available in five sizes from 1.5 to 4 inches, the easy-to-install units function as both flow-measuring units (crucial to efficient use of variable-speed pumps) and as fully functional check valves.  For details, click here.







Zodiac Jandy Ozone artZodiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) has introduced the Jandy Pro Series Ozone Corona Discharge System.  Designed for high output and energy efficiency in a reliable, easy-to-install package, the units are impervious to moisture and acids, rid the water of biofilm and organic and inorganic contaminants and come in three sizes for pools up to 100,000 gallons.  For details, click here.













Aquascendo artAquascendo (Los Angeles, CA) makes a movable pool floor system that can be raised or lowered to any level.  Capable of changing a dry patio surface into a toddler’s wading pool or an exercise pool or a deep-water swimming pool in minutes, the system is intended for commercial or residential applications and works via an elevator-like mechanism.  For details, click here.    




Hammerhead pool artHammerhead International (Las Vegas, NV) makes acrylic panels for use in high-end residential and commercial swimming pools.  Available in many shapes and sizes, the panels can be made to match everything from the most complicated radiuses of vanishing-edge walls to simple spa panels.  The company also offers installation services.  For details, click here.




Hayward light control 3Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has announced the release of the ColorLogic Light Controller, an easy-to-install unit designed to control the company’s low-voltage, customizable LED lighting systems.  The wall-mounted device has an adjusting dial and a preview window, offering ten fixed colors as well as seven color-changing light shows.  For details, click here.









pentair comm eq pump artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) now offers a totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motor with its EQ series of pumps.  The new motors are more robust and corrosion-resistant because ambient air cannot enter, making these pumps, which come in four sizes, suitable for use with salt-chlorination systems or in coastal applications.  For details, click here.





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