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thurspoolsmallfiberpoolartThursday Pools (Fortville, IN) has created two new, small-sized fiberglass pool models designed specifically for smaller backyards. Created for the growing number of urban developments with small lot sizes, the new Aspen pool is available in a 12-by-25 foot size as well as a 14-by-30 foot size to fit into compact yards or other small spaces. For details, click here.




haywardaquapodartHayward Pool Products (Clemons, NC offers the programmable, fully rechargeable and completely waterproof AquaPod to take pool and spa control right into the water. Backlighted for nighttime use and engineered to float horizontally, the units enable users to turn up the heat, turn on the lights or activate waterfeatures with just a touch. For details, click here.



7 3jjartJ&J Electronics (Chino, CA) produces the ColorSplash VU RGB-W, a 1.5-inch, nicheless LED fixture for pool and spa applications. The light source features a variety of colors and can put on its own light shows to transform ordinary aquatic settings into custom, illuminated waterfeatures. The product also comes in a pure-white version. For details, click here.




pentairmaxeproartPentair Water Pool & Spa (Sanford, NC) has introduced the Max-E-ProXF VS, a commercial pump that features variable-speed capability, digital control and proprietary software that enables custom programming for specific tasks such as filtering, heating and cleaning. The pump also includes four programmable to provide user-specified flows. For details, click here.



haywardhydroUVO3artHayward Pool Products (Clemmons, NC) offers HydroRite UVO₃, a secondary sanitization and oxidation system that delivers a powerful trio of disinfectants: UV, ozone and advanced oxidants. The NSF-certified system works to inactivate more than 99.9% of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms in residential or commercial pools. For details, click here.



5 1bradfordcustomspaartBradford Products (Leland, NC) produces pre-manufactured, custom, stainless steel spas to suit a wide spectrum of applications, including resorts, luxury hotels, private residences, aquatic centers or day spas. Ideal for rooftop and elevated-deck installations, the durable units are shipped fully fabricated, plumbed to stub-outs and ready for installation. For details, click here.



clearwatermicrozoneartClearwater Tech (San Luis Obispo, CA) offers its Microzone Series, which uses corona discharge (CD) technology to eliminate odors and reduce chemical usage while providing superior ozone performance in a compact housing – perfect for residential spas, ornamental waterfeatures, small aquariums and a variety of small-scale watershapes. For details, click here.



thursdaysunkenareaartThursday Pools (Fortville, IN) has introduced the option of a sunken living area to its line of fiberglass pools. This amenity is available in square or rounded shapes that can be placed in various places around the pool’s perimeter and can be customized as swim-up bars or full-function spas – or can be capped to become lounging areas or putting greens. For details, click here.



haywardcolorlogicartHayward Pool Products (Berkley Heights, NJ) offers Universal ColorLogic color LED lighting to transform outdoor environments with cost savings and installation versatility for new pools, spas and fountains. Their all-plastic, low-voltage design includes thin, all-plastic UCL niches that eliminate the need for bonding, grounding or GFCIs. For details, click here.



pentairwallspringartPentair Water Pool & Spa (Sanford, NC) offers WallSpring decorative accents designed to add the element of falling water and the visual appeal of architectural details to pool environments. Equipped with three-quarter-inch plumbing, the sconces' lightweight-polymer construction won’t crack, fade or discolor while the metallic finishes weather gracefully. For details, click here.




pentairprowler920artPentair (Sanford, NC) now offers Prowler 920, a robotic inground-pool cleaner. Designed for fast, easy, convenient operation, the units work independently from filtration systems with all-surface, high-speed scrubbing brushes and dual-level filtration systems that capture large and ultra-fine debris and include top-access baskets for easy emptying. For details, click here.



jandycxiartZodiac Pool Systems (Carlsbad, CA) manufactures the Jandy CXi commercial pool heater in 500,000, 650,000 and 750,000 Btuh models. The high-efficiency units feature digital controllers, multiple venting options, propane or natural- gas operation, two-inch Schedule 80 flange connections, low-NOX performance and protection against condensation. For details, click here.



zodiacpolarisquattroartZodiac Pool Systems (Carlsbad, CA) has launched the Polaris Quattro Sport, a four-wheel-drive, pressure-side pool cleaner that climb walls and brushes the waterline to collect even stuck-on debris. Designed with an extra-large intake that picks up acorns, pebbles and leaves with ease, the units also have easy-cleaning canisters with transparent windows. For details, click here.