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shadesystemsmultiartShade Systems (Ocala, FL) manufactures multi-level sail systems to provide multiple layers of poolside sun protection. Made with stainless steel connections and hardware for long life and a powder-coated framework to support intricate arrangements of fabric available in a variety of durable colors, the systems offer visual appeal as well as cooling shade. For details, click here.



mozlaserartMóz Designs (Oakland, CA) manufactures the Laser Cut collection to enable designers to divide exterior spaces while allowing for different degrees of light penetration. Available in 27 standard patterns and 15 colors, the powder-coated metal is available in thicknesses from an eighth to a quarter inch depending on required durability and traffic patterns. For details, click here.



srsmithslideawayartS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has launched SlideAway, a CPSC-compliant slide for inground pools that does not have to be permanently affixed to the pool deck. Designed for safety, fun and durability, the units can be set up or removed from a deck in just minutes. The units are available in taupe or gray and may be used by children weighing up to 125 pounds. For details, click here.




ledgeloungerdaybedartLedge Lounger (Houston, TX) has designed the Shift Daybed as a poolside retreat in commercial or residential settings. Customizable with cushions, awnings, an array of wall styles and two types of bases, the UV-stable, moisture- and mildew-resistant units have five reclining positions and can be placed on deck or in up to 13 inches of water on a ledge. For details, click here.



mistamericaminicoolartMistAmerica (Scottsdale, AZ) has released MiniCool, an outdoor cooling system for residential applications. Designed to replace common ceiling fans as well as inefficient line-mist systems, the cooling unit generates and disperses mist via a fan-like device placed in the center of a patio space rather than through misting lines strung around its perimeter. For details, click here.




srsmithloungeartS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) manufactures the Destination Lounger for use in water depths of up to 12 inches. Lightweight yet strong, the lounge is meant for residential or commercial use and has a design that allows for easy filling of the base section with water and for easy emptying if it needs to be moved within the pool or removed for storage. For details, click here.



lightcraftguppyartLightcraft Outdoor (Chatsworth, CA) makes the model H20-302B underwater LED lighting fixture. Known as the Guppy, the compact fixture – just an inch and three-quarters tall – is made with heavy cast brass and has a natural-bronze finish. It comes with a pebble tray, includes a 25-foot cable and projects 15 feet with a 180-degree beam angle. For details, click here.




ledgeloundermainstayartLedge Lounger (Houston, TX) manufactures the Mainstay Sectional, a modular, customizable lounge system designed for outdoor, on-deck use in commercial or residential settings. Made with an outdoor resin and rugged fabrics in dozens of available colors, the four-piece assemblies interlock and can easily be reconfigured to suit immediate needs. For details, click here.



grandfx360artGrand Effects (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) offers 360° Fire & Water Bowls for outdoor living spaces. The products combine fire and water effects and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes with certified burner assemblies for natural gas or propane operation. They generate 60,000 to 80,000 Btus per hour with 30 to 50 gpm water flows. For details, click here.



fesfoc catalog artFesfoc Disseny (Barcelona, Spain) has published a digital catalog on its line of outdoor kitchen products and accessories.  Designed for professional performance, the fixtures and cabinetry are made using durable, corrosion-resistant materials hand-finished to produce an artfully functional outdoor cooking experience.  For details, click here.




calumbrellapagodaartCalifornia Umbrellas (Jurupa Valley, CA) offers the Pagoda Series of umbrellas for residential and commercial use. Designed to recall elements of a retro, Mid-Century Modern look, the umbrellas feature an eight-and-a-half-foot canopy supported by 12 steel-wire ribs, an inch-and-a-half diameter pole and grade A fabric available in dozens of colors. For details, click here.



srsmithpoolluxplus2artS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has introduced poolLux Plus2, a lighting controller that manages up to two zones with independent or synchronized operation. It comes in a corrosion-resistant polycarbonate housing – ideal for pool environments – and features a wireless remote control and, when used with the company’s lights, a one-touch color sync. For details, click here.



pentairmicrobriteartPentair Aquatic Systems (Sanford, NC) manufactures MicroBrite LED lights in color and white versions. Made to illuminate the smallest of spaces, the easy-to-install fixtures can be placed in any standard wall fitting and can be installed horizontally or vertically in as little as four inches of water, making them suitable for steps, sun shelves and shallow water. For details, click here.