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bobeboxscupperartBobé Fire & Water (Phoenix, AZ) makes box scuppers for applications with swimming pools, spas and other waterfeatures. Made with copper or stainless steel and available in seven textures and powder-coated finishes, the units feature flow rates of 15 gallons per minute and have fully welded seams, 1-1/2-inch female inlets and grounding lugs. For details, click here.



landscapestructhydrahub2artLandscape Structures (Eden Prairie, MN) has added HydraHub2 to its Aquatix line of interactive play features. The stainless steel unit fills a 65-foot-diameter splash zone with multiple play opportunities on twin, interconnected platforms that include dumping buckets, bubblers, a working telescope, multiple sprayers and a three-person waterslide. For details, click here.



waterodysseywatercoilsartWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) has added Water Coils to its range of inclusive waterplay systems. Equipped with four helical coils in a standard set, as many coils as desired may be added to meet any splash pad’s needs. The finishes are chlorine-, ultraviolet- and vandal- resistant, and the low-profile rounded flanges reduce opportunities for toe-stubbing. For details, click here.



ricorockvertical wall artRicoRock (Orlando, FL) now offers Vertical Wall, a waterfall system designed for use in contemporary poolscape and landscape designs. The lightweight, four-foot-wide, nearly seven-foot-tall units install easily; feature polished-concrete frames surrounding cast-rock inserts; and have spillways that send arcs of water into a pool or catch basin. For details, click here.



waterodysseyaquaspoutsartWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) manufactures Aqua Spouts, a line of themed waterplay features created with small children in mind. Intended for residential as well as commercial applications, the line includes more than 50 bright, hand-detailed models focused on nature, ocean, pirate, transportation and desert themes. Custom designs are available as well. For details, click here.



wwwestlifefloorartWhiteWater West (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) offers Life Floor, a flooring system designed to minimize the consequences of slip-and-trip incidents in waterpark applications. The thick foam-rubber material provides safety, play value and comfort with tiles that are soft and have a rippled texture for slip-resistant without abrasiveness. For details, click here.


waterodysseyaquaslideartWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) has introduced Fun Forms Aqua Slides for use in aquatic-play settings, from spray parks to zero entry/beach entry areas in swimming pools. The units come in 40 different, brightly themed, hand-detailed designs and in various sizes to suit the needs of toddlers (2 to 5 years) as well as tweens (5 to 12 years). For details, click here.



vortex spraypoint artVortex Aquatic Structures Int’l (Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada) manufactures SprayPoint, a low-flow waterplay system that uses mist and small directional water streams to provide opportunities for improvised waterplay. Designed for maximal fun and cooling with minimal water and energy consumption, the system is ideal for small spaces. For details, click here.





awg waterwall artAtlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) offers a vertically oriented spillway to ease the installation of water walls and weeping walls by eliminating the need for valances. Made with heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel for durability under harsh conditions, the system works in wood or masonry walls and can accommodate hidden, in-wall plumbing. For details, click here.



waterodyssey ms artWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) has introduced Massive Splash, a modular play feature designed for use by waterpark patrons of all ages.  Made with a modern, architectural look, the system draws attention with constantly moving water buckets and four different spray effects, while upright sprays provide cooling, water chasing and a safe play experience.  For details, click here.




goric newtown artGoric Marketing Group USA (Belmont, MA) offers the Newtown Water Play System, a structure made up of stoppers, dams and a water wheel that engages young children in interactive play.  The kit includes a water pump, an accessible basin table with two stoppers, three water channels, two dams, a triangular mixing basin and a water wheel.  For details, click here.




vortex journey artVortex Aquatic Structures (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) offers Water Journey, a collection of four moveable, touchable, low-water-depth “events” that may be used individually or collectively to provide different play experiences for toddlers and young children in water parks, municipal parks, urban spaces, hotels or family entertainment centers. For details, click here.




awg rain artAtlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) has assembled a rain-harvesting kit for residential use.  The Model RHKIT1000EBS system has a capacity of 1,008 gallons and includes a downspout diverter, a pump vault, a submersible pressure pump, a 25-by-25-foot liner, underlayment, water-containment blocks and a range of required fittings.  For details, click here.





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