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keystonepaverartKeystone Hardscapes (Minneapolis, MN) has added the Panorama series to its Supra line of pavers for outdoor applications. With rectilinear shapes, riven surfaces and rounded edges that suggest the look of cut flagstone, the units install quickly and are made of durable concrete colored with iron oxide pigments to prevent UV-related fading. For details, click here.



deckoratorsvoyageartDeckorators (Prairie du Chien, WI) has launched Voyage, a line of vertical-grain, simulated-wood deck boards designed with textured embossing for enhanced traction. Available in four colors – Sierra, Tundra, Costa or Mesa – the strong, lightweight base material has a fiber-like structure similar to wood but experiences no thermal expansion/contraction. For details, click here.



hydropaversartHydropavers (Pickering, Ontario, Canada) manufactures a permeable paving system that transforms deck areas into storm drains by absorbing all the water in a quarter-inch rain event, then allowing additional rainwater to flow through the pavers into a prepared base, filtering out particulates and reducing puddling. Comes in nine colors and five sizes. For details, click here.



gskyversaxtartGSky Plant Systems (Delray Beach, FL) manufactures Versa Wall XT, a planted-wall system that uses standard one-gallon pots set in durable, UV-resistant, injection-molded trays that deliver water and fertilizer to the plants while holding them in position. The pots can be interchanged easily, allowing for inclusion of customized patterns and blends. For details, click here.



tigerdeckartTigerDeck (Portland, OR) manufactures strong, durable decking systems made with Tigerwood. Available in a variety of deck-board sizes, the material naturally resists rot and insect damage and comes from sustainable forests ranging from southern Mexico to Argentina. It’s also compatible with the company’s hidden-fastening system. For details, click here.



vista1505artVista Professional Outdoor Lighting (Simi Valley, CA) manufactures the Model 1505 Architectural Series LED step-light fixture for mounting onto concrete, masonry, stone or wood. Designed to provide illumination for steps and low-level features, the units are made of fiber-reinforced polymer and have nine LED emitters with no-glare optics. For details, click here.



wrmeadowsdecraartW.R. Meadows (Hampshire, IL) has released Decra-Seal Natural, a water-based, non-yellowing, low-VOC, matte-finish sealer that enhances the appearance of decorative concrete, pavers, unglazed tiles and porous natural or artificial stone. The penetrating, salt-resisting material bonds to the substrate to help increase the hardscape’s service life. For details, click here.


dndmagnalertartD&D Technologies (Huntington Beach, CA) manufactures MagnaLatch Alert, a top-pull, keyed safety latch for gates around pools and spas as well as other areas where child/toddler safety is critical. Easy to install and beyond the reach of small children, the unit meets pool safety codes and both flashes and sounds an audible alarm when a gate is unlatched. For details, click here.



greenscreencolumnartGreenscreen (Los Angeles, CA) manufactures Columns, a free-standing vertical section or a cover for an existing post. Part of the Elements line, the units come in standard or custom diameters for easy installation and in standard or custom lengths in two-inch increments up to 14 feet tall. Units can be stacked and combined with other Elements modules. For details, click here and scroll down.



versa lok versa green artVersa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems (Oakdale, MN) manufactures Versa-Green plantable wall units with the strength of segmental retaining walls enhanced to include the beauty of a hanging garden. Each unit has a six-inch-deep core for planting and a groove in the top to accommodate irrigation tubing. The walls can be built up to ten feet tall. For details, click here.




iron age grate artIron Age Designs (Burien, WA) offers ornamental cast-metal trench grates made with recycled iron or in aluminum or yellow brass. Provided in standard lengths of 24 inches, they are also available in 12- and 16-inch formats and can be designed to fit any manufacturer's trench system – with right-angle corners available for all grate styles. For details, click here.




deck o seal bellatrix artDeck-O-Seal (Hampshire, IL) offers Bellatrix to enhance and protect concrete pool decks and patios. Formulated using dual-protection technology combined with unique hybrid polymers, the durable, breathable, VOC-compliant, satin-finish barrier is ideal for previously sealed swimming pool decks and patios where a clear protection system is desired. For details, click here.


bok modern artBŌK Modern (San Francisco, CA) manufactures laser-cut metal panels in standard or custom patterns for use as safety fencing, railings, stair panels, wall screens, green screens and more. Easy to install and maintain, the aluminum and steel panels are made from recycled material and have thermo-cured finishes for durability and easy cleaning. For details, click here.