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miracotemraflexartMiracote (Rancho Dominguez, CA) produces MiraFlex Membrane C, a polymer-modified, flexible, cementitious membrane for the waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and other construction materials and substrates. Designed for applications under tile, the product is compatible with thin-set mortars and other cementitious materials. For details, click here.



nlbsureshroudartNLB Corp. (Wixom, MI) offers strong, lightweight, flexible Sure Shroud sheathing material for high-pressure hoses. Designed to reduce operator fatigue while providing protection against dangerous hose ruptures, the ballistic-grade sheathing operates at pressure ratings to meet all needs, comes in six- to ten-foot lengths and has cast-metal camlock couplings. For details, click here.



abatrontredspredartAbatron (Kenosha, WI) produces Tread Spread, an easy-to-apply epoxy coating that meets OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip-resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Designed for commercial and recreational pools and decks, the product bonds to concrete, wood, metal and fiberglass and comes in two colors: safety yellow or slate gray. For details, click here.



basecreteslabstitchartBasecrete Technologies (Sarasota, FL) offers SlabStitch for the repair of concrete cracks. Designed to transfer load and stress away from the fracture while producing tensile strength across the crack for a permanent structural solution, the system includes anchor wedges, concrete-repair mortar and mesh to seal the crack and prevent water penetration. For details, click here.


oceanside muse artOceanside Glasstile (Carlsbad, CA) has introduced the Muse line of mosaic glass tile. Available in three sizes – 7/8 inch square, 1-3/8 inch square and 7/8 by 1-3/8 inches – the material is available in 19 unique patterns as well as in custom blends and gradients. The line also includes a variety of trim pieces for clean, consistent, finished looks. For details, click here.






ricorock minicave artRicoRock (Orlando, FL) has introduced Mini-Caves for use with backyard pools. Made with steel-reinforced artificial rock and intended for use in situations where space is at a premium, the system’s modules install quickly and offer shade within a four-by-four-foot interior space that can either be dry or incorporated into the pool. For details, click here and scroll down.



aa avsc artA&A Manufacturing (Phoenix, AZ) offers the AVSC drain for pools, spas and waterfeatures. Designed for high efficiency and rapid clearance of even heavy debris, the easily installed units are classified as unblockable. Their lids fit flush to the floor and can be topped with various interior-finish materials to blend them into their surroundings. For details, click here.




renosys polygrate artRenosys (Indianapolis, IN) now offers PolyGrate, a durable, versatile grating for pool perimeters.  Made from single sheets of marine-grade HDPE and completely customizable, the units are designed to fit any pool gutter and feature high-friction walking surfaces to prevent slipping.  They can also be placed vertically for use on bulkheads.  For details, click here and scroll down.





anoma ripple artAnoma Stone (Noida, India) has introduced Ripple Pool Gratings.  Designed with a two-inch thickness that ensures structural integrity but also lightweight enough for easy removal for routine servicing, the marble panels come in two sizes – 30 by 30 inches and 30 by 72 inches – and feature rippling forms that mirror the water’s undulations.  For details, click here.







basecrete plus art2 edited 1Basecrete (Sarasota, FL) manufactures Basecrete+, a highly viscous concrete densifier for primary waterproofing of pools and other watershapes. Upon application, the material penetrates the concrete matrix on a molecular level, filling all voids within the matrix, and bonds with calcium and lime to form a dense barrier of colloidal silicate gel. For details, click here.






aquamatic lift lid artAquamatic (Gilroy, CA) manufactures the Lift Lid, an engineered system that rises to accept a retracting cover, then slowly drops to form a fixed, walkable surface. Ideal for use at pool access points, the system comes to rest on a lowered bond beam, hiding the leading edge bar of the cover and blocking almost all water from entering the cover recess. For details, click here.




miracote aqua blok xl artMiracote (Rancho Dominguez, CA) makes MiraPrime Aqua-Blok XL, a clear, single-component, odorless, water-based, penetrating colloidal silicate that integrally waterproofs concrete, mortar and other cementitious structures. The material reaches deep into the capillary structure of concrete and mortar to enhance their physical performance. For details, click here.





lightstreams shell beach art 2Lightstreams Glass Tile (Santa Clara, CA) manufactures Shell Beach decorative glass tiles as a festive embellishment for pools and spas. Made up of random patterns and colors of the company’s Jewel Glass Accent Tiles, the pieces come in various shapes and sizes and are mounted on 12-inch mesh strips in a wavy pattern for easy installation. For details, click here.





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