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ramuca2artRamuc Pool & Deck Paint (Rockaway, NJ) has updated its A2 synthetic rubber-based coating. Designed to restore and upgrade previously painted pool surfaces as well as bare concrete, marcite or plaster, the VOC-compliant, high-gloss, easy-to-apply material also works on ponds and fountains and offers excellent hiding, coverage and protection. For details, click here.




haywardwgoutletartHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) manufactures the WG Series of VGB-compliant square drain covers for residential and commercial pool applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and flow designs and designed for use on concrete pools for new construction or renovations, the low-velocity units limit flow to 1.5 feet per second. For details, click here.



meridianbarstoolartMeridian Tile (Phoenix, AZ) assembles modular barstool tops for in-pool applications. Pressed from porcelain and glazed, the long-lasting units speed the installation process and come in a variety of colors and decorative patterns. Custom designs and logos are available as options, backed up by a glaze lab that formulates and tests for accurate coloration. For details, click here.



renosysrecdeckimprovedartRenoSys (Indianapolis, IN) has upgraded its RecDeck PVC flooring to include new UV inhibitors and additives that allow it to stand up to the most extreme climate conditions and all levels of exposure to pool and deck chemicals. Designed for commercial applications, the reinforced PVC membrane is slip-resistant, watertight and made for long-term service. For details, click here.



UniversalpebbleradianceartUniversal White Cement (Glendale, AZ) offers Radiant Fusion, a pool-finish blend that uses micro-pebbles enhanced with iridescent Pebble Radiance glass crystals and abalone shell to create vibrant water hues and ultra-smooth surfaces. Pre-blended to ensure strength and durability, the mixes include pozzolan-enhanced cement in each formulation. For details, click here.



consspecgridlineartConstruction Specialties (Lebanon, NJ) offers GridLine+ architectural accents. Originally designed as rugged entrance flooring, the system is now being applied in fountain and landscape applications as trench grating. Made with 304 stainless steel, the grates come in three depths from 1-1/8th to 3/8ths inches and with satin or polished finishes. For details, click here.



frankwallhandychuteartFrank Wall Enterprises (Columbus, MS) manufactures the Handychute, a system designed to direct the flow of concrete as it comes off the mixing truck. Available in eight- and ten-inch diameters in a variety of lengths from one to five feet, the system keeps forms cleaner, cuts down on waste and reduces spattering as concrete flows out of the chute. For details, click here.




coveralltilemosaicartCoverall Stone (SeaTac, WA) supplies Pebble-Tile-1A, a mesh-backed mosaic tile made with natural pebbles. Designed to provide a hand-set look with easy interlocking installation, the pebble materials are available in a wide range of natural colors, shapes and textures and are suitable for use on the floors, walls, steps and benches of watershapes of all types. For details, click here.



pvcspraynlockartVapco (Valley Park, MO) now offers PVC Spray-N-Lock, an aerosol spray that quickly bonds wet or dry PVC pipe and fittings (as well as other PVC material) in one step without primer, cement or long curing times. The material is intended to fuse paired surfaces on a molecular level, creating permanent bonds that have been pressure tested to 160 psi. For details, click here.




cmpgunitedryffittingartCMP (Newnan, GA) manufactures dry-conduit wall fittings for gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pools. The compact units trap water immediately around a 1.5-inch LED lights to keep them cool – thereby extending their service lives – while also preventing any water from reaching conduits. In addition, they protect against freeze damage in cold climates. For details, click here.




renosysgutterartRenoSys (Indianapolis, IN) has added a stainless-steel version to its DuraTech line of gutters for commercial and institutional pools. Designed for affordable reliability, the new units combine gutter and plumbing in a trough that includes pressurized water returns and inlets, thereby eliminating buried pipes that can break in freeze/thaw conditions. For details, click here.



intermaticcomboconnectartIntermatic (Spring Grove, IL) produces the ComboConnect Junction Box/Transformer. The compact, hybrid unit provides two line-voltage and five low-voltage connections for underwater and dry pool, spa and landscape-lighting applications, all in the same housing. Designed for tight spaces, the units include a 100-watt low-voltage transformer. For details, click here.



cardinalhydrobloxartCardinal Systems (Schuykill Haven, PA) has introduced HydroBlox as an upgrade to traditional French drains. Made from 100% recycled thermoplastics, the system uses an exceptionally porous, high-strength plastic that filters and directs the flow of water using surface tension, requires little maintenance and drains many times faster than sand. For details, click here.



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