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During the chill of winter, when most pools are closed and covered, and many natural bodies of water iced over, some intrepid souls brave the cold and take the plunge anyway. It’s a form of discomfort, they say, that comes with significant benefits not found in warmer temps.

wu logoSolving world-wide water supply problems might just come down answering complex materials science questions on the molecular level. According to new research, life-saving breakthroughs in the desalination process may be possible by way of understanding the way water moves through reverse-osmosis membranes.

Blog art croppedAlways trying to look on the bright side, Eric Herman offers a set of watershaping achievements from the past year worth noting. While such bright spots will never erase the memories of such a tough year, he points that even in the darkest times, the beauty of watershaping shines through.

Blog art croppedSaying goodbye to 2020 has become an unofficial national, if not an international, pastime. As Eric Herman points out in his year-end homily, that’s especially true now as the holidays approach and a new year unfolds with the prospect of better, hopefully virus-free days ahead.

Blog art croppedWhile residential activity is booming these days, the exact opposite is true in the commercial pool market, where sales are slow and most facilities are closed. Dark days indeed, notes Eric Herman, but also a good time to consider the role "public water" plays in both the industry and society.

Blog art croppedSharing time in a pool has a way of carrying everyone involved to a relaxed state of mind that lets the rigors of daily life temporarily slip away. It's a sensation Eric Herman recently experienced with a group of friends, all of whom lead energetic, stressful lives.

Blog art croppedDealing with watershaping professionals should be as trouble free as possible, but sometimes it’s not. As Eric Herman argues, it’s time for the industry to open its collective ears to the messages from consumers who have had both positive and negative experiences.

Blog art croppedGiven the industry's current struggles to keep up with the overwhelming demand for watershapes, Eric Herman suggests that it's time to consider what's driving the buying frenzy – and spend some time in the buyer's shoes.

Will a flood of litigation compromise the watershaping industry's reputation and/or success -- and how might 'alternative dispute resolution' fit into the picture? Here's Eric Herman's take on both fronts. 

Blog art croppedBy Eric Herman

Back in our June 24 edition, we ran a provocative feature by Texas designer/builder and Watershape University instructor, Mike Nantz. As the title “Charging for Design” suggested, Nantz used the space to make a case for pool designers requiring a fee for their design work, rather than using it purely as a sales tool.

It’s a subject that has been tossed around for a long time and always seems to touch nerves, especially among

Blog art croppedBy Eric Herman

Every year during fire season, we see aerial news footage of houses that have burned down next to swimming pools full of water. It always makes me despair and wonder, had there been a way to use that water to stave off the fires, would those houses have been saved? And, are there scenarios where an available water source might even save lives?

Growing up in Southern California where wild fires are part of life, I’ve seen the destructive power up close. I’ve been evacuated three times, have had friends lose their homes and have witnessed what it’s like to live in a community that’s been devastated by the flames. It’s a sudden tragedy that often unfolds in a few terrifying minutes

Blog art croppedAt their best, watershape designs make artistic statements that compliment and amplify the surrounding environment, while reflecting the personality of both the designer and homeowner. As Eric Herman relates, it’s a feeling that’s hard to define, but yet unmistakable when present.

Blog art croppedBy Eric Herman

There is no question that watershaping industry is on fire right now. Over the past two-plus months, every single builder I’ve talked to, without exception, has said that they are busier than they’ve ever been with a constant stream of homeowners looking to either install a new pool or upgrade an existing one. I’ve heard the same thing from pool and spa retailers and pond builders.

As I previously described in this space, the current surge in