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speck es90 artSpeck Pumps (Jacksonville, FL) produces ES90-II variable-speed pumps for swimming pools.  Made with permanent-magnet, brushless DC motors, the medium-head units are controlled by advanced-logic electronics that reduce operating costs, energy usage and noise.  Corrosion and chemical/UV resistant, they operate at voltages from 110 to 250 volts.  For details, click here.




pentair stark artPentair Commercial Aquatics (Sanford, NC) produces the Stark Series of sand filters for commercial applications.  Configurable to meet all needs, the units can be installed side by side or end to end and can also be stacked.  Designed for easy installation and maintenance, they are available with either standard or custom influent and effluent placements.  For details, click here.





ricorock 2 step artRicoRock (Orlando, FL) manufactures Texas Two-Step, a cast-concrete rockwork system used to add a waterfall as part of a pool or spa renovation.  Made up of eight lightweight pieces, the base sections have a lip that wraps over the coping for a built-in look and components install easily to provide an aesthetically pleasing cascade that won’t leak.  For details, click here.




kona labs levelsmart artKona Labs (Kailua-Kona, HI) manufactures the LevelSmart autofill kit for most pools, spas, ponds, fountains and other watershapes. Easy to retrofit with no deck destruction and simple to install with new projects, the system operates with up to 1,000 feet of communication distance and has a built-in fail-safe system that eliminates overfilling. For details, click here.





pleatco advanced artPleatco (Glen Cove, NY) manufactures the Advanced line of filter cartridges. Made using a uniformly bonded filtration medium that contains more fibers per unit area, the units have greater dirt-holding capacity than standard filtration fabrics and are designed to operate at lower pressure and with better flow for longer service intervals and cartridge life. For details, click here.









sr smith swimwall artS.R. Smith (Canby, OR) manufactures SwimWall Systems to bring lane-length flexibility to larger commercial and completion pools. The units are positioned on the pool floor when not in use. When filled with air, they rise into a vertical position to form a barrier designed to fit around lane lines, effectively doubling the number of available lanes. For details, click here.



spectrum MT350 artSpectrum Aquatics (Missoula, MT) offers the Motion Trek BP 350 Deluxe, a UL-listed, battery-operated, ADA-compliant pool lift with a 350-pound lifting capacity. Self-operable from the deck or in the water, the units feature coated, all-stainless-steel construction and can be installed in new or existing decks with setbacks from six to 22 inches. For details, click here.







cmp brilliant 2 artCMP (Newnan, GA) has introduced Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfall 2, an illuminated waterfall system that allows for custom-cutting and use on curving walls. The cutting can be done at the factory or in the field, and the system features a sawtooth-embedded lip for interesting flow in addition to easy LED service via a front-side panel. For details, click here.




raypak xtherm artRaypak (Oxnard, CA) manufactures XTherm Indirect Pool Heaters for commercial aquatic facilities. Available in three models that deliver between 999,000 and 1,999,000 Btus, the units protect boilers from exposure to chemically treated pool water and feature cupro-nickel heat exchangers that can be upgraded to titanium for superior corrosion resistance. For details, click here.




waterway 18 catalog artWaterway Plastics (Oxnard, CA) has released its 2018 Pool & Spa Product Buyer’s Guide, a 352-page catalog available online and as a CD covering the company’s pumps, filters, blowers, controls, unions, fittings, manifolds, chlorinators, gunite jets, valves and lighting systems along with technical specifications and details on replacement parts. For details, click here.







liqtech microfiltration artLiqTech North America (White Bear Lake, MN) produces microfiltration systems for commercial aquatic facilities. With pore sizes of one or three microns, the systems’ silicon carbide membranes remove organic and inorganic particles as well as bacteria and microorganisms including cryptosporidium – and even some biofilm-borne viruses. For details, click here.





summit mariner artSummit-USA (Vancouver, WA) has rolled out the Mariner line of pool slides for commercial applications. Engineered for design and installation flexibility, the heavy-duty units deliver maximum fun in both small and large spaces, come in multiple colors and are expandable horizontally and vertically in both enclosed-tube and open styles. For details, click here.



airwater solutions artAir & Water Solutions (Nutley, NJ) has introduced BioOx Swim, a system designed to clean the air at indoor aquatic facilities. The easy-to-install units come in three sizes for placement on pool decks and in other areas; larger facilities will require multiple units, which draw air through water injected with natural enzymes that destroy harmful toxins. For details, click here.